I am done with your bullshit

No One could have said it better! :grin:


And it is all bullshit.

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Now let’s hear from a couple ‘obvious’ leftists on here explaining how this insults their delicate freakin’ sensibilities. THAT is whose bullshit i’m done with.


yeah…that’s what I thought.

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You will not get any response from our resident Leftists because the truth clearly stated is just too obvious :rofl:

I love this video but I wish her last line was not about the “hypocrisy”, it is hypocritical if the “public good” is the motive but since the motive is to destroy the foundations of the Republic it all makes perfect sense.

We need to stop pretending that the Left is “wrong” and accept that the Left is absolutely right based on their actual agenda of destroying the United States, they are liars but they are not hypocrites; their positions are absolutely consistent with their agenda.


It’s the left’s AGENDA that’s wrong and therefore their giving lip service to “the public good” IS hypocritical since what they want to do…their agenda…is HARDLY for the public good by any measure of the term “good.”

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A re-opening of an important thread (the video has been removed from YouTube, by the way – does anyone know of its availability elsewhere?)

I think we have to acknowledge that the Left, like the Right, is heterogeneous. There are several different strands in the Left, some of them in tension with each other.

The one which seems to be driving the whole is what I would call the ‘hate civilization’ strand. The statue-topplers, the book burners, the people who discover that every famous intellectual in Western civilization, from David Hume to Abraham Lincoln to Winston Churchill, was a racist-homophobe-heteronormativist … etc etc and thus must be erased from the European pantheon. The same people are the ones who are attacking mathematics as ‘racist’, who are driving out of public life anyone who has ever done anything that can remotely be interpreted as violating the new, rapidly-evolving rules of what constitutes Thoughtcrime.

Rational liberals don’t like this, and some of them are protesting. But it’s a rearguard action. The Cancel-Civilization Left have Moral Authority, and have the momentum.

We need to remain alert to contradictions within the Left as a whole, and be prepared to make alliances with those with whom our only differences are the effects of the minimum wage, or how to finance health care. These are important differences, but they pale to nothing compared to the differences all civilized people shold have the Hate the West people.

Why the latter have gotten into the driver’s seat of the Left’s car, I’m not sure. There must be profound material reasons … too much prosperity and a generation that is used to getting everything it wants? A sense that the West – led by America – is on the way down in the face of a rising autocracy, and having smelt blood, they’re being whipped up into a feeding frenzy?

Every conservative who has not, by now, tried to make contact with his/her local ‘Community Preparedness Group’ – whatever they call themselves, a ‘militia’, the Oathkeepers, the Three Percenters, the Civilian Defense Force – needs to wake up and smell the sulphuric acid.

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This video has been taken down because… youtube’s delicate sensibilities were offended I guess.

I didn’t even get to watch it damn

Okay I saw it. Nothing new she’s just speaking the truth. Keep that mask on except when you’re spitting on people who didn’t vote for Biden.

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If youtube takes it down again … I have a personal copy!

Why do i keep getting the feeling to not trust you.

What Doug is trying to do is increased the size of our tent. If we don’t, we are doomed. People like Alan Dershowitz have seen the anti-Semitism among the Progressives and has decided that he can deal with the conservatives much more easily than the far left Democrats who agree with the Palestinians that Israel should be destroyed… You are not going to get him to agree on the conservative agenda, but he will not support the progressives in the elections, and that is important.

If Trump goes off half-cocked, which is easy for him, and forms a third party in 2024 if he loses the the Republican nomination, we could end up with a result like the 1912 presidential election. That year Teddy Roosevelt did not get the Republican nomination. He ran as a Progressive Party candidate, split the Republican vote and got Woodrow Wilson elected. We need to avoid a similar disaster.

Ted Cruz and even democrat lite Romney says Trump is/will be the head of the republican party.
(One can only hope)

I sure hope he runs

@Gene, I know you do. You figure that Trump is totally unelectable.

If Biden stays on his far left rant, and the Democrats in Congress keep voting for trillions of dollars on crap and make little effort to see that it isn’t stolen, your political philosophy is going to be as popular as the Corona Virus plague. Most of the incumbent presidents who have been voted out of office went to the sidelines because of a bad economy.

You might not realize this, but Bill Clinton positioned himself as a moderate Democrat in 1992. That’s how he got the nomination and unseated George H. W. Bush. He ran on bread and butter issues. “It’s the economy stupid,” was his slogan to keep him on track. He avoided issues like making perverted sexual behavior the norm for public policy. The climate change religion had not taken hold then, but he would have soft peddled that too.

That’s how the Democrats got back in power after 12 years of Reagan and Bush. They sounded reasonable and didn’t head off course with far left rants.

As the most recent former president, Trump would naturally be the head of the party. His supporters are significant in number and vocal, but his demeanor after the election really hurt him.

I would think twice about voting for him in the 2024 primaries, and my wife probably will not vote for him in any case. I know that we are not alone. I support almost all of his policies, but I have serious problems with his demeanor. He can’t control his temper.

If we do, we are doomed. You can’t make a philosophy conform to the preferences of those whom you would have adhere to it. Churches have tried that by softening the message of the Bible, and they’re bleeding membership in droves (so are many who didn’t cave, but the “big tent” doesn’t save anything).

You have to have a solid structure on a solid foundation, and invite people in. If they won’t come in, building a big tent over them won’t do any good. For one thing, the demographic will keep shifting with the caprices of the day; and for another, that tent won’t stand when the storm comes. You need a solid immovable structure.

If you lose all of the elections, it’s over. Face it.

It’s probably a neurologically-rooted problem, and there is nothing you can do about it.