I believe that...


the Gay activist agenda is completely demonic and psychologically damaging to people. I believe it is also the reason why people think religion is too restrictive.
I believe Gay activists had to create their own “truth” because everything about homosexuality and what they say is a lie.

I am protected from this. God knows why.


Here is a video I did several months ago when I was travelling in Michigan on a whim. I created the outline in a number of hours and divided the material among three Youtube videos.

I entitled the material “Humanity Under LGBTPQ Fire” I added the P to the acronym later as after I had reviewed the material. Gay-Straight Alliances and The CDC were getting kids involved in deciding sexuality years before they are emotionally ready to even think about sexuality. Hence, it is not a lie that many in the LGBT community are Pedophiles or try to involve children in their experiences through organizations or tactics years before they are emotionally ready.

Part One - Religion. This video deals with how religion is under much fire and “revisionism” from LGBT sources. It also asks the main question: "Why would so many very spiritual people not condone homosexuality?"

Part Two - Myths and Propaganda. It has become dangerous to even speak against LGBT organizations and the lies they propagate. They have forums and social media. If they are called on their lies, they swarm en masse. Why is that?

Part Three - How it Affects Kids. This video shows how the current propaganda campaign affects our children and how to protect them by teaching them specific things.

In conclusion, ‘Why do many very religious people not condone Homosexuality?’, 'Why do they get angry and frenzied when their lies are exposed?'
They act just like the “spirit” that is embodied by their behaviour. Luke 6:45b says "Out of the hearts abundance the mouth speaks."
Yes, they act and behave like frenzied demons. It will get worse unless we do something to stop it.