I Bought My First "Assault" Weapon Yesterday


I went to a local gun shop with the intention of getting prices and then shopping around for a good price on an AR10 or equivalent. I loved my M16 when I served. I have wanted to buy the civilian equivalent ever since I left the service but I put it off for over a decade. Since California is going to limit me to a 10 round magazine, I’m going to use bigger bullets. :grin: So I opted to get the 7.62mm version rather than the standard 5.56mm. There is also the bonus that a 308 win is better for hunting should I choose to use it as a hunting rifle.

I was shocked to see that it was packed from counter to counter with people. Every sales person was busy filling out sales paperwork. It was a mad house!

So I stepped out and called around town to other gun shops and found that they were all sold out of AR10 style rifles. I stepped back in and stood in line for 45 minutes to finally ask the sales guy if they had any AR10’s. They had two Bushmaster XM10 ORC’s left. That was it. So I bought one.

As I was in line I spoke to a few of the other people that were waiting. Everyone said the same thing: Democrats are going to try to ban “assault” rifles so everyone was there to buy one before they are gone. There were a lot of first time buyers.

I get to pick up my new rifle on the 29th. I can’t wait.


I already have an assault weapon just don’t tell her I said that:tongue:


I don’t want to make a big deal when I don’t know what the current state of things is, but I have to cringe a little. I don’t know what they’re like now, but a couple decades ago, Bushmaster firearms had a bit of reputation for inferior quality and reliability.


I don’t know what they’re like now, but a couple decades ago, Bushmaster firearms had a bit of reputation for inferior quality and reliability.

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I am not too worried about its quality. I read a few good reviews on it:

Bushmaster ORC 308 Review | Gun Blog


Ditto that. Good quality for a very reasonable price. Enjoy ROLC!


I have heard that so I dug into it since I own one and have for MANY years. I could find any real substance to that and trust me I did a LOT of research on many forums and talked to a lot of folks. Am I saying its the end all be all AR platform, not hardly, can you buy better, bank on it, but do NOT expect to pay BM prices. Is is as good as any, sure, maybe even a hair better than the average.

I would have to dig out notes, but IIRC on a scale of 1 - 10 BM would rate a solid 7-8 at that price point. Want to spend the bucks go LaRue, or Lewis Machine, Armalite and others…


The Bushmaster that I read about was a bullpup configuration .223 Remington/5.56mm NATO “arm gun;” I think it was legally classified as a handgun, given the lack of a stock. I think it had a barrel too short for a legal rifle. Anyway, it used the same action and magazines as their rifle, and the testers had nothing but trouble with it. There was a factory rep right there with them, and they only got a modicum of reliability with one of the three magazines provided. Like I said, that was a couple of decades ago.


No further troll-posts, Jazz.


I bought a Bushmaster 5.56/.223 ORC yesterday, took all week searching for one stores are sold out almost everywhere in south Texas


I really nned to stock up on more ammo for my rifle.


I was seriously considering a .308 Galil when Bush Sr.'s semiauto import ban came along and killed that idea. They weren’t expensive then, either. They sure were after the fact…


Stock up on ammo! That’s what they’re going to go after first.


I picked up my new rifle today. I just got done spending some alone time with it. I disassembled and reassembled it a couple of times. I ran a few rounds through the feeding action. I pulled the trigger a few times to get a feel for it again.

I was surprised that I still know all the parts, how to disassemble and reassemble them. I also still remember how they all work together.

Damn I love my new rifle! This one is truly mine instead of borrowed from Uncle Sam’s.


I’m worried about you ROLC …

Seriously, if there’s no gun ranges near you in Sac County you might see what’s available in neighboring Yolo County. You might meet some prospective hunting buddies there, too. Lots of farmers with nice big fields with doves, pheasants and possibly quail. Some deer, not sure if there’s a deer season in Yolo County, though.


Don’t worry about me Pete. This is not my first rifle. I have a few others. I also have a couple of ranges that I go. I most certainly would never use a .308 to shoot birds. There would not be much left of the bird from such a bullet striking them.


Don’t worry about me Pete. This is not my first rifle.

Polygunnery? I’m shocked! Shocked!


You are too funny Pete. :slight_smile:


I bought an Armalite AR15, M4 model recently. I have a long list of others. ROLC you should enjoy that AR10, they do make great hunting rifles, especially with good sights, or a nice scope. Bushmaster has come up drastically in quality in the last few years. Most of the more well known AR makers are putting out a fine product now. There are several newcomers on the scene also. One I’m hearing alot of buzz about is Two Vets Arms. Check them out, if nothing else it’s a cool company to follow. Also, lots of people like to dog on Red Jacket because it’s “cool” to bag on what’s popular. Everything I’ve seen from them, and I’ve seen alot, has been damned nice too.

2 Vets Arms Company, LLC | Honor. Integrity. Precision.

This is what I bought: