I cannot believe my eyes, NEW story on Benghazi attack???


No evidence found of Al Qaeda role in Libya attack U.S. intelligence agencies and witnesses paint a picture of an assault carried out with little planning at the U.S. diplomatic mission in Benghazi.[LEFT]
*By Ken Dilanian and Shashank Bengali, Los Angeles Times
*[COLOR=#D55317]7:50 p.m. EDT, October 19, 2012

WASHINGTON — The assault on the U.S. diplomatic mission in Benghazi last month appears to have been an opportunistic attack rather than a long-planned operation, and intelligence agencies have found no evidence that it was ordered by Al Qaeda, according to U.S. officials and witnesses interviewed in Libya.
The circumstances of the Sept. 11 attack have become a matter of heated political debate, withPresident Obama and Republican nominee Mitt Romney clashing in their debate Tuesday about when Obama termed the assault an act of terrorism. But the emerging picture painted by intelligence officials and witnesses differs from the assertions of both sides.
Republicans have zeroed in on possible Al Qaeda ties to the Sept. 11 attack that killed Ambassador J. Christopher Stevens and three other Americans, and have criticized the Obama administration for not saying early on that it was an act of terrorism.* But after five weeks of investigation, U.S. intelligence agencies say they have found no evidence of Al Qaeda participation…"

Read the rest: ***No evidence found of Al Qaeda role in Libya attack - OrlandoSentinel.com

**This is in todays papers across the US from Ca to FL, even here in Texas, its 180 Degrees out from what has been stated, but it does validate Obama’s statements and Susan Rice, Biden etc. IMO I think this is a DimOkrat plant and is a phony article being used to muddy the waters and prop up bammy before the upcoming debate on Foreign policy. I do not believe there is a shred of truth to it…

For you who did NOT live thru the years of USSR propoganda like I did, you are seeing US GOVT propaganda, my guess is the has its origin in the WH…**




This does not change my view one bit. The White House still lied for weeks about a non-existent protest over a video that nobody saw.

Even with this latest revelation, it was still an organized attack and not a protest gone awry.


You will note there are NO sources cited, I think its a a media plant to prop MoFo up for the upcomning debate and get people on his side. There is NOLie to far,
I literally had to read it twice, check dates and everything, I could not believe what I was reading…in fact thought it might have been a satire or an OpEd by some Libtard…but its legit news story except its a LIE!!![LEFT][/LEFT]


I almost hate to say this 'cuz I understand your frustration, but I can see straight through what they’re up to with disclaiming the Al Qada connection.
Technically, I’ll bet they’re right. It wasn’t Al Qada. (If there’s anything they’re known for it’s proudly taking claim to any brutal attack they accomplish. They haven’t, have they.)
But that doesn’t mean it wasn’t Hamas, or any of the other bazzillion terrorist networks.
And because those presently in the W.H. have no conscience, they have no problem with lying by omission.

It was a terrorist act, alright. Just not Al Qada.


Which is kinda like say it was a Jap or a Nazi, does not make any difference. I don’t care what sand box you call home, you are a terrorist and I would not pizz in your azz if mouth was on fire…


Yeah, I agree. It just is a little too convenient for this “breaking news” to happen right before the last debate–which topic is FOREIGN POLICY. Hmmmm…a little too coincidental? But, like everyone else here has noted, it doesn’t matter if it was al qaeda or not because the fact remains that it was some kind of foaming-at-the-mouth, rabid muslim terrorist group. And, the other fact is that BO lied and continues to lie about what and when he knew about the serious threats against Americans in that area. I believe he is a closet muslim. By the way, what does “MoFo” stand for?? :embarrese


LOL, MoFo is actually a black term or I guess is Ebonics. Typically its heard in response to something, goes like this: ‘sheit mofo’, wats you doin’.

In my early years in the Army post Vietnam 70 the Infantry was made up with over 40% blacks. Very interesting times as we moved from a draft based Army into the VOLAR (volunteer Army). The economy was not the best and heavy recruiting in the minorities gave a lot them. You did not need a high school diploma to be in the Army. We truly got the dregs of society. I could write a thread on what it was like. Just a bit o insight. I assumed command of my platoon with an auth strength of 32 enlisted, I had 46 assigned (generally a DREAM to have more than auth). Of the 46 all but 16 exited the Army unless less than honorable conditions to include 2 on death row and about half scattered about military, federal and state prisons from Texas to Florida…cannot tell you how many times I looked from down in the motorpool to see several guy in suits heading my way and it was the FBI or DEA there to pick up one of my finest…

The blacks being uneducated, many barely able to write or read, also spoke in a language most folks would barely understand, its was Ebonics which really if a fabrication and justification of uneducated blacks, its exits in the minds the extreme left, Jesse Jackson and the PeeCee white guilt liberals.

MoFo is short for Mother Chucker

We used to say that if you wanted to completely stop a black from speaking at all tell him he is not allowed to use MoFo, he would be unable to carry on any conversation at all…[LEFT][/LEFT]



You may want to refrain from references to profane language–even the acronyms and coded/ebonics stuff. The mods have been known to frown on it. However, thanks for the education about this. I never knew what it meant.


I understand all that. All I was saying is that their lies and lies of ommission are pretty easy to see through. They’re simply, and obviously, game-playing with words in hopes of s-t-r-e-t-c-h-i-n-g out a call for a serious investigation until past Nov. 6; not only from the better informed, but especially from the air-headed masses he already has in his pocket.
IOW, intended for the air-headed who think that Al Qada is the ONLY terrorist organization. NOT for the likes of you & I, et.al., who know better.

I realize I’m tripping over my words; maybe not making myself clear, but I hope you get the gist of what I’m attempting to convey.


Wow. You are sheltered. (I’d smile to show no insult intended, but they’re too dorky.)


Well I will apologize to any and all, its me, just me and by many I am just a dinosaur, a relic of another time, not PeeCee, never have been, never will, bit salty, too old to change, wouldn’t even if I could…you see how I got here, how I speak and where I am coming from.

Major General Richard Potter US Army SOCOM, founder of Delta Force wrote in Efficiency Report: “don’t ask this Officer a question if you are not looking for an honest, straight forward answer…” I am very proud of that![LEFT][/LEFT]


No need to get snotty. I’m just stating fact as it pertains to this site. I have been warned for much less. Being sheltered has nothing to do with what I posted.

Hey…I thanked you for the education. I have no problem with straight shooters.

I also agree wholeheartedly with your take on this and share your outrage.


*Well I will apologize to any and all, its me, just me and by many I am just a dinosaur, a relic of another time, not PeeCee, never have been, never will, bit salty, too old to change, wouldn’t even if I could…you see how I got here, how I speak and where I am coming from.

Major General Richard Potter US Army SOCOM, founder of Delta Force wrote in Efficiency Report: “don’t ask this Officer a question if you are not looking for an honest, straight forward answer…” I am very proud of that! *

17Oaks: You do not have to apologize to me for anything you said. Unfortunately today, we live in a ultra-sensitive (tongue in cheek) society where no matter what one says, especially if it is truthful, someone will be offended. Too bad! I am so sick and tired of having to watch what I say for fear it might offend someone. That is exactly what has gotten us into this nonsense of apologizing for our existence to other countries! It is ridiculous. I could also go on a very long rant about racial issues–particularly those which exist in education and morality. Have you ever watched one of the putrid shows of Maury Povich? All you need is one time. It is a constant parade of the dregs of humanity–and, mostly black. Ninety percent of the “topics” on his show have to do with DNA to find out who the “baby daddy” is. So, we’re supposed to play blindman and pretend that this shameful behavior doesn’t exist?? Well, call me a racist, call me anything you want. The truth is the truth.


Thank you…I try not be RUDE or coarse but at the same time I make the point.

Yep, Maury Povich…talk about exploiting blacks, wow, but he is a libtard so its ok for liberals to that, if a conservative was doing that they would go nutso and point the finger of racism exploitation…

Came out of a messy divorce, women took everything but the starch in my fatigues, I gladly gave it all up to that woman gone from my life…When the Sheriff served me papers, as I walked out that door I was singing this tune…‘thank-god and greyhound she gone’. Anyhow readjusting to the dating world was different as I was not in college anymore. So I hookup with a dating site and got my profile posted. Did fine but hooked up with a lot of gals that did not view the world like I do, lots of libs, women’s BS etc. Then one day after another date disaster I said I need to look at my profile and make some changes to attract a different kind of gal.

I just make it real short and to the point this is what I said:

“I am not politically correct, I eat red meat and if the cow was killed in the summer time it done far as I am concerned. I drink good American Bourbon, straight up, smoke a good cigar and when I need to get in touch with the feminine side of me, I go find a WOMAN, throw her on the back of my Harley and take her for ride.”

Well to say that changed the type of women I was dating would be an understatement. Had so much fun I stayed single for the next 25 years, met some wonderful women along the road. Found out the only women that go for the PC crowd are women that want a weak man, are a bunch of liberal whiners thinking the world owes them something because they are a woman.

You are right, I have most folks appreciate someone who will stand up, straight up, look’um in the eye and give a straight answer, PC is weakness, practice it and you too can be weak. I had a lot hero’s growning up, mostly cowboys and Generals. John Wayne and General Patton an MacArthur, those folks are gone, gone are the days when a man looked at you said something, shook your hand and it was better than a stack of legal documents. I am not sure we can turn it around, who would we look too to be a role model today? The few that are left are old and frail.

David Letterman, Maury Povich, Tom Cruise, Joe Biden, Harry Reid, Billy Gates, you know anyone that would not yellow stain their pants someone said boo?

Ever see the movie The 300? If you have not, you should. You will see how real men fought and died. The problem with guys like that is we aways spend our time trying to stay alive, yet deep inside we know that dying with our boots and a battle rifle in our hands is better than dying in some olf folks home with drool running down our chin…


17Oaks: I would use the “reply with quote” except it doesn’t work on my computer for some reason. I agree wholeheartedly with everything you said. I am very glad that you were able to have some fun with some REAL women! There are more of us out there, but we get drowned out by the raging feminazis–and even those women who do not hold to the radical liberal agenda of the fems, but are too worried about being liked.

I have great appreciation and regard for men like you. I only wish I could have met someone like you when I was younger and much hotter! :yes: But, I guess it wasn’t in His plan for me. I dated a biker back when I was 17 years old. (He wasn’t a Hell’s Angels type biker, just a guy who loved Harley’s!) He was a perfect gentleman, too. My poor father cringed when he would pull up in front of our house to pick me up on his hog. Of course, my father was English and very proper–a REAL man, too. :brit My dad served in WWII in the Army Artillery. He was in Germany, England, France, Japan, and Italy. He hated the Army, but he served with honor and courage. It is because of him that I have a special interest in anything WWII.

You are right. If we were to somehow try to get things back on track, to whom would we look? There is no one. I happened to click onto CNN yesterday (I never watch it), but I stopped because Newt Gingrich was on. I’m telling you, he should have been the candidate for president! He was literally raving about the whole Benghazi debacle. His last statement about BO and his lies was truly a piece of art–absolutely masterful. Whoever the guy was who was the talking head on the show was stunned speechless. I wanted to jump up and cheer. Now that’s a guy who could really lead. I’m not saying that Romney can’t, but Gingrich is fearless when it comes to speaking the truth. He says what he feels and thinks no matter who is standing in front of him. Maybe in 2016. I doubt if the rest of the American people could ever accept someone like him as president–they don’t want to hear the truth.

I digress… One of the things I tell my students when we get into discussions on history, economics, or religion is that we live in a nation of liars. Very few people know how to tell the truth. And I remind them that the Fall of Man occurred because of one lie…by the father of lies. I don’t know if you ever read the book, “Lord of the Flies”, but I found out when I was teaching it to 9th graders years ago that the translation of the name “Beelzebub” literally means “lord of the flies”. It gave me a very new and interesting perspective on the whole story. If you haven’t read it, give it a whirl. I’m not much of a fiction reader–preferring non-fiction–but I enjoyed reading and teaching this story. It stimulated lots of great discussions with my students.

Anyway, never fear offending me with the truth.


[quote=“17Oaks, post:12, topic:36688”]
Well I will apologize to any and all, its me, just me and by many I am just a dinosaur, a relic of another time, not PeeCee, never have been, never will, bit salty, too old to change, wouldn’t even if I could…you see how I got here, how I speak and where I am coming from.

Major General Richard Potter US Army SOCOM, founder of Delta Force wrote in Efficiency Report: “don’t ask this Officer a question if you are not looking for an honest, straight forward answer…” I am very proud of that!
[/quote]Hey I am a dinosaur myself and I know where you are coming from.


Well… This has gotten off topic lol. That’s alright though, it was a good read.


LOL, thank you…Yea I miss my ‘iron horse’, but some injuries in Vietnam finally caught up with me and I had to sell it few years back, I cried when that fellow rode off on it…



17Oaks: Wow! Looks almost like my old boyfriend’s hog! His had an extended front “wheel” (is that the correct term?). It was cool. I loved riding on it, although once when we went on a 4 hour trip to the Mississippi River, my backend was really sore…