I did not know this about Jimmy Stewart


Yeah he was a great actor…he was also in the military and rose to the rank of Major General.

Between 1941-1945 he rose from Private to Colonel. In 1959 he was appointed Brigadier General, and Ronald Reagan appointed him Major General when he was on the retired list.


What’s not to love about Jimmy Stewart?
But I didn’t know about the Major General promotion, either. That’s cool, but I do have a question: Why is a retired person given promotions? Perhaps they were earned while serving, but never awarded?
Just curious.


It’s an honorary thing as I understand it. R. Lee Ermey (GySgt Hartman) retired as a SSgt, but was granted the honorary GySgt rank after retirement.


Thanks, Stang. 'Preciate it. I’m sure Jimmy Stuart had more than earned it.


Jimmy Stewart is from our general area, and was distantly related (not actual blood relation, but related to cousins of my half-brothers & -sisters). So was John Wayne. Actually, John Wayne may have been a blood relative, as we had Morrisons in our ancestry, and we’re pretty sure they were related to “Aunt Nellie” (who was a cousin or second cousin to Jimmy Stewart). She was married to a brother of my mother’s first husband. I’m sure you’re all delighted with this little piece of information.

And no, I didn’t know any of that about Jimmy Stewart.


I knew this about Jimmy Steward but then one of my hobbies while watching movies is to look up actors.




Standing ovation!!!


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