I don’t hate cops. I’m marrying one,’ Black postal worker says after video shows NYPD


‘I don’t hate cops. I’m marrying one,’ Black postal worker says after video shows NYPD arresting him on the job | National Post

So from multiple accounts and news reports. Four plain clothed cops in an unmarked car, cut off a postman who is driving. He curses at them due to them almost causing an accident. They reverse the car, get out, and arrest him. Huh?

It seems to me the NYPD is constantly embroiled in scandals. Major ones I might add, which I am not even sure this qualifies as one, but it is full of irony since the man is marrying a police officer and a former officer Eric Adams is speaking out against this particular arrest.

In the last few years, I have witnessed constant media coverage of bad apples in the NYPD. One cop caught on tv planting crack on a shop owner, another undercover cop on a motorbike caught attacking a vehicle which caused a great deal of problems a couple of years ago. The FBI investigating the lies of many NYPD who were on disability for PTSD due to the attacks of 9/11, yet, many or most of them weren’t even at the scene of 9/11 (sick to lie about this considering those who perished in my opinion). Broad and vast operations against the Muslim community, an operation in which even the CIA suggested it was a waste of resources (and probably a violation of rights) when they worked on it in a joint operation. This doesn’t even include the most recent interactions in which citizens have died.

The vast majority of U.S officers do an excellent job, but why does the NYPD have this reputation or being racists or abusers of power?

I happen to know a guy who lived in Toronto who became a plain clothed police officer in NY, and he was of poor character quite frankly. He wasn’t well liked here nor trusted as an honest person, he clearly had a drug problem, and this was in high school! He has somehow found a job on the largest force in the U.S. It astounded me knowing what I know about this guy.

I have stated before my respect for the FBI and CIA in the U.S. It’s comforting and greatly respected that the FBI do their best to clean up these bad apples across the U.S working in municipal policing when they are exposed (or require investigation by the FBI). Maybe its a function of more videos or even more incidents of interactions happening in New York.


The main problem with the police, is that the good ones protect the bad ones. So they never clean house, because they refuse to admit that any officer is even capable of doing something wrong.


This is a common argument that we hear in Toronto as well. The union and the SIU that investigates civilian deaths at the hands of police, has been astronomically unbalanced. It has provided an environment in which the bad apples feel protected and insulated from accountability. Recently, a very high profile case ended with the indictment of an office when he killed a young man and was caught on video. Now the pendulum is changing with the advent of video and social media. It was long overdo.

As a society, people of all stripes should agree with certain basic facts: Rule of law. Accountability. Liberty. Truth in power.
We can all agree on how to deal with particular threats in society, but it must remain loyal to the very important values that ensure that we remain democracies. In my current reading of American history, it seems the Republican party had a strong hand in supporting the elimination of slavery, women’s rights and now the Libertarian movement which would eliminate many abuses that those unfit for particular positions engage in.

My concern though is that the FBI should theoretically have a higher instance of bad apples since they recruit federally, but they seem to have a much stronger mechanism of accountability to avoid these bad apples. Some of this refers to their history certainly. Also, the adherence to the law and constitution seems much stronger in the FBI, which cannot be understated. To the point that not long after 9/11, when the FBI were working with the NYPD to locate potential threats, the FBI told the NYPD brass that they didn’t have a reason to target a particular person as he hadn’t done anything wrong, someone high up in the intelligence division of the NYPD stated “well, make them do something”, suggesting, entrapment or misrepresentation in order to get a collar, the FBI strongly stated “that’s now how we operate.” As I read this I really admired taking that position, not being motivated by the emotion of that time and not cutting corners to chase rabbits and illegitimate threats. In doing so, the police tacitly support real threats.


I think a major difference is that FBI agents are relatively stress and danger free. The biggest part of the “bad” cop angle, is really handling the stress poorly, more than it is flat out corruption. My understanding is that cops do tend to handle corruption(internally), but tend to give very broad passes when it comes to violence and other problems associated with dealing directly with the public.


Stress free? They do the same job with a broader level of pressure upon them.

We have the RCMP who are supposed to conduct the same work as the FBI does. They are rampant with scandals. Everything from outright racism, class action lawsuits due to sexual harassment, controversial unreliable and dishonest tactics. The most recent I posed on this site involved training officers waling around nude in the training class When complaints occurred they sent a person to investigate who himself had problems with making a sexual video at work. It’s as confusing as it is absurd. A few years ago we had the chief resign in disgrace for a pension scandal and the Maher Arar story.

If the NYPD or other police agencies has a disregard for their constituents, and as you suggest, protect bad apples, it will never improve their relationship. This story illustrates a clear disregard and abuse of power. Not only did they cut him off dangerously, but they also arrested him as revenge. Furthermore, when they were driving him to prison they it a car from behind when apparently the driver turned to mock the guy being held.


Office stress is very different from “I wonder if this guy is going to shoot me” stress.


I think you will find that most organizations tend to prefer to hand thing internally no matter what the occupation is, especially government. As with all things we only hear the bad and worse of it. We do not know if they get rid of the bad ones with little to no attention. I have seen it happen. Just because you do not hear about it does not mean it does not happen.