I don't agree with Trump on everything ... for example ethanol


Trump has made a proposal to increase the amount of ethanol in gasoline to something over 10%. This is a sop the farmers who want higher grain prices. The trouble is my car can’t use this stuff without damaging the engine. This true of many cars that are on the road. Unless your car says “flex fuel” on it, or something similar it is not built to use this stuff.

The whole business about ethanol in gasoline has been wrong from the beginning. It was passed during one of “fuel crises” with a big boost from the Archer Daniels Midland Corporation which used its considerable lobbying forces to get it through Congress. It costs more to distill ethanol that petroleum, and ethanol provides less energy to run an engine than same volume of gasoline. Instead of phasing this out, which should done, Trump wants to double down on it.


True, Sendgop! It takes more energy to produce a gallon of ethanol than that same ethanol will produce when burned as fuel! It’s a LOSING proposition for that reason alone–let alone the damage it does to conventional internal combustion engines.


He’s also wrong about coal; they don’t deserve subsidies anymore than “green sources” do.

If Natural Gas makes coal untenable, it should fail.


Trump;s program indirectly benefited the coal industry by subsidizing failing coal fired power plants. No, Trump should not do that, but perhaps he was looking at the fact Obama had vowed to put them out of business with government policy, which is clearly wrong.

I hope the subsidies end, and if those companies fail as a result, so be it.