I don't know what to do

he’s crazy so avoid him. Now if it is too uncomfortable, just tell him you took the vaccine to shut him up.

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oh yes, by all means guys, get the covid vaccine because we all know that the government cares so much about all our health. LOLOLOLOLOLOL

They’re already saying that you’re gonna have to get it again next year. You’re not even hearing about the number of adverse reactions and that includes death.

Oh yes, get your family vaccinated too.

What are those awards …oh yes. The Darwin Awards.

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No choice, With all the corporate welfare Trump gave to corporations, the only way to balance the books nowadays (something your God didn’t do by the way) is to make sure wage earners stay alive. Also, most donations to elections come from bodies like Koch Industries or the Wilks Family. Not exactly left leaning. But you keep blaming George Soros sweetheart, be sure to donate to Trump.

You should. No joke, you should.

So Donald Trump was a lying scumbag when he said he brought the vaccine ahead faster than anybody else. I mean, I already knew that, but it’s comforting to know even Trump supporters think he is a lying POS. But hey, Chavez rigged the election for Biden amirite?

Really? Biden’s resumption of catch-and-release at the border while wanting to put the screws to Americans who don’t follow his COVID “plan” isn’t “even remotely true?”

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That’s not what he said. He claimed undocumented immigrants are:

-given free healthcare
-given free money (stimulus?)
-allowed in and not charged with anything
-are not considered if they have been vaccinated or tested before being allowed in

None of those are true. The last 2 are closest, but predicated on the “open border” myth that’s being spread. Either Biden has open borders, or the inhumane holding camps at the border are the worst they’ve been. Pick one.

Everything I wrote is true @Gene. You don’t follow any news that does not fit you narrative. You are a cog in the left wing monolith. You can’t disagree with any of their positions and lies and remain in the club.

And, yes, the illegals are supposed to collect COVID-19 stimulus money. They broke the law when they came here. Many of them are not toasted for COVID-19, and many of them now don’t even have the formality of getting a court date. They are turned lose in American communities all over the country, whether or not the have COVID-19 and other possible diseases, like the drug resistant strain of tuberculosis.

How about this one:

This most assuredly is true.

That’s covered by the last 2 points in my post. It assumes the open border myth.

They can’t collect without social security numbers

Open border myth???

Open border is a fact. Almost no one gets sent back now. This even applies to those whom the courts have ordered to be deported.

Wait, so does that mean the “border crisis” of migrants overcrowding holding facilities is a myth? Because if that were true, it would imply record numbers are not being just let in

You talk in circles. You have no interest in real debate.

The law requires that these people be processed and moved on, either deported or accepted, within a period of time. The system is so backed up because there are so many of them, that they are being held beyond their legal limit.

And it has been reported that many are now being released without a court date, which was a farce anyway because most of them never showed up for it.

Why not cut the chase. You support open borders @Gene. That’s the plain truth. Why debate the issue any further? No one can change your mind unless your far left leaders tell you to change it.

You might think that you position is humanitarian, but the real reason for open borders is the elections. The Democrats will put these people on the dole for their votes. The fact that they are not citizens does not matter because, if the Democrats get what they want, they won’t need IDs to vote. All they need to do is show up at the polls. Since they are wearing Biden t-shirts and flying Biden for President flags, there’s no secret about how they will vote.

That’s the reason the Democrats are upset about the Georgia voting law. It requires IDs, and that has some effect on voter fraud.

When trump tried to shut down international travel people called him a racist. What could he have done that every other country was doing? Would more illegal immigration keep us safer?

On that note, my step dad’s cousin died two days after talking the vax. It could be coincidence I suppose. The dude was about 56 years old. Strange how no news outlet picked that up.

I have an acquaintance who went to the hospital because her skin started peeling off or something after. I’m not assigning this one too much relevance though I don’t know the details

I personally feel that this vaccine hit the shelves way too fast for me to be comfortable. In a couple years eh maybe. five years from now it would be safe I think.

Whatever they’re shooting folks up with now seems like a rush job meant to make people feel safer. Wouldn’t surprise me if it was just water.

I believe this. The sheer terror of covid is strangely absent in the face of illegal immigration

At a minimum Biden should have kept Trump’s immigration policies in place until the pandemic was under control. Instead he opened the border. He doesn’t care if the illegals spread more Covid. The news media will cover for him, and it keeps the Democrats in control.

The Democrats want to keep the Covid-19 restrictions in place as long as it is politically possible. That keeps them in control. It also gives them an excuse to pass more Covid bills, like the $1.9 trillion spending bill they just passed, which only spent 9% on Covid and 91% on everything else.

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I trust President trump but i don’t trust the gov’t and i don’t trust big pharma. And you shouldn’t either. But hey…you can repent at leisure.