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In listening to the media, Left and Right, one might think you have no rights until you’re mirandized.
IMO, you should be responsible to know your rights as part of the responsibilities of Citizenship.
Do we have no rights until they’re read to us? If we were held a little more responsible for our own selves maybe we would be a little better Citizens.

Is the right to remain silent and have legal counselling the only rights we have? If we have other rights how come we have to be read these rights and not the others?

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The problem with that Stew, is that you DON’T have a right to be Mirandized.
All the Miranda does is say that you have a right to an attorney, and anythin you say can and will be held against you in a court of law.

If law enforcement doesn’t need “anything he has to say” in order to indict a person, it’s a moot point.