I don't know who to believe?

Not sure if you guys have seen the footage of a “man being executed out the side of a helicopter in Afghanistan.” I saw a video on twitter that appeared to have a person suspended from a rope out of an American helicopter flying over a city in Kabul or something. He was motionless in the small clip, and I immediately believed he was dead. Of course I was upset by this, and immediately I saw an army of “debunkers” come to the rescue spouting some nonsense about this guy hanging flags on flagpoles using US military helicopters.

This site actually has the whole video, or at least more of it.

You know what I see in the “whole” video? The dude hanging from the rope actually waving. He’s not motionless the entire time. He’s not being executed. He’s really using a helicopter for whatever retarded purpose he’s using it for. This seems like a waste of military resources to me, but, hey, evidently they’re not my military resources anymore so. At least they’re finding some kind of use for those black hawks.

Someone edited this clip down to a portion that shows the flag-fixer motionless. And then said he was being executed by copter. I expect this kind of crap from the left. In fact I would quickly label THIS as left wing propaganda; except… this is a weapon for a right wing job and it would serve no purpose as a tool of the libs.

This is upsetting because my entire life the democrats were lying, dirty, conniving, untrustworthy hedonists. And they still are of course, but, so are the republicans. Not a good day for me.

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I’m with you, bro. The world is full of REAL factual events that jerk my chain. This type of false reporting not only discredits the source but it discredits our entire movement. It makes it much easier for the MSM etc. to label the truth as disinformation.

Like it or not, we are engaged in highly asymmetrical warfare. The left can lie and engage in violence with impunity; we can not. Truth and credibility are our best weapons.

Alex Jones and the Q knuckleheads are prime examples. They mix truth with pure fiction. And there are plenty of folks who are itching for a hot civil war. No clear objective, no strategy, OK corral tactics, no secure communication network, no logistic network, no organization. God forbid they ever try anything, it will be quickly and ruthlessly crushed followed by martial law and draconian tyrannical rule.

We need more poll workers, poll watchers, more lawyers, more state legislatures to push hard for election reform, and last but not least, a thorough laundering of the stolen 2016 election.

The left is rattling our cage with threats of more and more “gun control” which only serves to clean out gun stores. They are hoping that a few million more ARs and AKs will reach a “critical mass” so they can put the boot down.

2022 and 2024 are the only path back.

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whatever idiot is trying to drum up hatred for the left needs to stop; seriously

I’m inclined to believe a democrat did this to discredit us.