I found an AMEX card today


Was taking the dogs to the dogpark in the city north of me and while walking on the road a looked down in the grass and for some reason saw an American Express card, don’t even know why I looked down, you could hardly see it. It was a current card and had the photo of a woman on it. When I got back home I did some intensive googling and found her email, address, business owner of a big tree and Xmas tree farm in the area and found her list of campaign contributions - last year $42,000, all to Repukes.

I sent her an email and asked her if she had lost something and let me know what it was for identification; sure enough, she said she had misplaced her Amex, still didn’t even know it was lost. I emailed her back and told her where I had found it and she said that she was a bigwig at the Repuke HQ In MT and thought she had left it there but probably dropped it whille she was straightening up republican yard signs ,said I could leave it off at a certain business since they knew her and she “practically owned them”…can you imagine?

I told her since I did not live in her city I would mail it back to her. I INTEND TO MAIL IT BACK AFTER THE ELECTION WRAPPED IN AN OBAMA, JON TESTER AND STEVE BULLOCK FLYER.


I found an AMEX card today - Democratic Underground

Most people if they were honest would have called the company rather than try to see who they are. From the comments it is plain to see the hate radiating from democrats who suggest various things they would do rather than be a good citizen.

I realize morals takes a back burner for most of these people but to look up that person’s history even to the point to see who they donate to is purely creepy.