I give up

I give up. Once AGAIN I tried to post an article but I could not get the URL link to work. I tried to add the link to the article on the “form” that pops up when I hit the link icon and but after I type in the URL for the link and try to post it to my thread nothing happens…it will not post. I even tried putting the URL in the thread without using the link icon but it does not work even then. What AM I doing wrong?

I’m frustrated to the point I don’t think I’ll participate here anymore.

You said you were typing in the url. Are you actually typing it in, or are you copying and pasting it in the posting block?

If you’re actually typing it in, its very easy to make a typo in the url.

Links work just fine. Click on this one and see if it don’t work just fine :smile:


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Try copying and pasting the url.

Why in the world would your not being able to figure out how to post a link bring you to :“I don’t think I’ll participate here anymore”.

I would hang out here, Even if I couldn’t figure out how to post at all!

You can learn by reading alone.

I learn more on here than I do on all the alphabet channels combined.

A hint: message a moderator when you are having problems … they are here to help!

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Can you PM or email me the link? I’d like to try something?

Wow…that’s a little extreme, eh?

I copy and paste the url. And I would like to participate more but it is very frustrating to rn a new thread and to type out my message and then not be able to post the link.

When my mother learned about copy and paste, it literally changed her life. I think this fellow needs that kind of life changing experience.

Oh also, you don’t NEED to use the link button. Just paste the web address directly into the text and it will turn into a link all by itself. The little form that pops up already has the http:// part in there for you, so if you pasted the address after that it would end up not working right because it would say http://http://at the beginning which would be incorrect.

If you are talking about me, I have been using copy and paste for 10+ years and have been opening threads on several other sites so I’m not so stupid I don’t understand the process. This is the ONLY site where I have ever had trouble. I am obviously doing SOMETHING wrong but I have no idea what it is.

I tried that…didn’t work. Using the link, I pasted the url in the line both WITH http and without. I am at a loss as to what I could be doing wrong.

Try without using the link button, just paste it here into the text box and lets see what shows up.

What I do is open the page that contains the article I want to link to in a separate browser window, then I highlight and copy everything in the browsers address bar. Then when I paste this address into my post or new thread I dedicate a line to the link, so if I am typing something before the link I finish whatever I want to say and hit enter twice. I then paste the link and again hit enter twice if I want to comment further, this insures that the address I am pasting is a long ways away from any other characters that might mess up the code. Here is an example;

Harry Reid is the Worst Living Human Being on The Planet | TheBlaze.com

I have not had any issues with this method, I never use the link option or the “go advanced” option since I rarely add any “bling” to my posts, I just use the “Post Quick Reply” option.

The OP for a new thread is done in essentially the same thing as the Go Advanced mode. I’ve posted links in OPs, and added them in posts in the Go Advanced problem is. I don’t know what difficulty Maverick is running into; obviously, it’s not easy to diagnose over the internet.

Maybe if Maverick describes step by step what she/he is doing, you techies could help her out.

I wondered at first if it could be the article itself cannot be copied or the URL (although that doesn’t make sense). I have run into a few times over the years where you could not copy and paste the text of the article…but that is rare. So, I tried posting a different text AND a different URL and it does not show up either. I suspect it is in some of my settings somewhere but I looked them all over and saw nothing that appeared to be related to the problem. Maybe an administrator who can access my profile and settings could check them out and see if anything looks “funky” to them. I am going to try one more time to post the link to this article. Here goes. DHS tells American border guards to run away from illegal immigrants | The Daily Caller

It WORKED! The only difference is when I clicked on the Link icon this time I got the message “script prompt” and I posted the link. All the other times I got a totally different pop-up that asked if the link was “http” and asked for my e-mail address. Could the difference be that I am using the “Quick Reply” response instead of the other method of posting?

Well, dang it…I tried to post another article and the same thing happened and since I was opening the thread I did not have the “quick reply” option.

Maverick, from what device are you posting? A Windows 7 computer? A macbook? An iPad?

And, what browser are you using?

I use my PC with Windows 7.