I Guess It's My Turn To "Come Clean"


Today I read that some members of the Black community are calling out the stunningly beautiful Padma Lakshmi, one of the hosts on the Food Network’s, “Top Chef”, for having the audacity to wear her hair in cornrows during the filming of an episode of the show and attending a basketball game in Kentucky. It would seem in the year 2019 in America it is considered by some insensitive nearly to the point of blasphemy for a woman from India to wear her hair in cornrows, a traditional African/African-American hairstyle.

As most of you know I go to great lengths not to offend anyone on this site, especially my very good friends on the Left. I’m NEVER argumentative and I would much rather backdown when confronted with a point of view different from my own. In short, what’s most important to me is to be liked. (super sarc)

In thinking about Ms. Lakshmi’s disgraceful cultural appropriation I came to the conclusion that I must myself “come clean”. In an effort to maintain my image on this site I have something important to admit to my fellow RO contributors.

I am guilty of CULTURAL APPROPRIATION. No, no, it’s true. Not only am I guilty, I have been guilty since leaving Little Axe, Oklahoma to attend Stanford. My God, can you believe it? While growing up just outside of Norman, I was as righteous as the driven snow. Then, I arrived in Palo Alto - and my Midwest value system just went to hell.

You see, I like TACOS. Dammit, there I admitted it. Not just any tacos mind you - I like the ones made with authentic Mexican masa - corn infused dough, freshly rolled out after a bit of water is added and then freshly fried in hot oil - then filled with pork that has been prepared in a hot skillet with finely chopped chilies and a little onion. Yep, I’ve culturally appropriated the hell out of authentic Mexican tacos for over 50 years now.

So, to my many Lefty friends on this site, I must ask - does my cultural appropriation - give you cause to think less of me? If so, I wish to apologize and leave you with this thought:

Kiss my butt!!


I was raised in WASPish Indiana. However, I’ve been all over the Far East–for extended periods in the case of SE Asia–and lived from Kalifornia to North Carolina and from Upper Michigan or Madison, Wisconsin, to South Texas, within the U.S. I’m a HUGE fan of Chinese, Thai, Korean and Japanese foods and I can exist for the rest of my life on chicken enchiladas smothered in sour cream sauce with rice and beans–what most people refer to “Tex-Mex” foods. My mother’s “specialty” when I was growing up was spaghetti sauce from scratch, which she’d simmer for 4-5 HOURS, served over spaghetti boiled in mild brine-water until a strand would stick to the back-splash if slung at it–not that we HAD what one would call a “back-splash” at our house. Her version of garlic bread was buttered toast with a bit of garlic salt sprinkled on it…when we could afford to buy it. My ethnic background is Anglo-Saxon and German SO, I guess I’m just as guilty as you are, Doc. I confess.


Ugh, hate tacos. Something about how Mexican beef is prepared rubs me the wrong way, whether it’s the chili powder or the turmeric, don’t quite know, but it’s unsatisfying.

Don’t like nachos either; making corn chips soggy doesn’t seem right to me

Don’t like much of Mexican food altogether; seems to all fall into a space for me of either “too spicy” or “too bland”.

And yes, every bit of this is serious.


PD - I’m totally with the program when it comes to authentic Chinese - and your mother’s spaghetti - man, I think I could culturally appropriate the hell out of that.

Seriously, claims of cultural appropriation often amount to nothing more than a childish and destructive attempt by the Left at furthering identity politics. Rather than celebrate harmless cultural differences among ethnic groups and their members being allowed to share in the human experience as part of assimilation and furthering understanding among people of various backgrounds, many Leftwing loons trash anyone who would dare seek to enrich their human experience by adopting/trying on, if you will, various aspects of cultures other than their own.

A woman from India gets blasted by members of social media for wearing her hair in cornrows. Who the hell do these social media nitwits think they are?


That’s easy to answer, Doc. They THINK they are the arbiters of what’s good and decent–except that their criticisms never fall on one of their own. Anyone heard a Democrat criticize Jimmy Kimmel for that horrendous ebonics rant he made on TV dressed in black face (and actually, black EVERYTHING) a few years ago?


Hardly to “near extinction” and hardly were they ever “redskins.” There’s nothing “red” about Native American “skins” other than being darkened from continual exposure to the sun. Native Americans are, in point of fact, classified as part of the CAUCASOID group of humans which includes “Hispanics,” Arabs and Norwegians…and, not coincidentally…SEMITICS. Those team names, which you seem to find “offensive” were meant to actually HONOR those groups of people for being aggressive, tough and even implacable, which are characteristics one WANTS in a team one is training to WIN contests of athleticism.

My wife, by the way, is ethnically Cherokee. Her great-grandmother was “full-blood” Cherokee and the granddaughter of a woman who’d made the infamous “Trail of Tears” from the Carolinas. Her grandmother was one-half Cherokee and her father was 1/4th Cherokee, which makes my wife 1/8th. None of them are listed on the tribal REGISTRIES, however, because that great-grandmother, who was responsible for entering the family, refused to do so in 1907 because she was convinced by white-man’s schooling that being “an Indian” was something of which to be ashamed back then. That lovely lady in my avatar on the left of the pic IS my wife, incidentally. The girl in white is our foster granddaughter at her wedding.


Question JA - the latest flap regarding cultural appropriation is the one I cited in my opening post, that being Padma Lakshmi’s wearing her hair in cornrows during the taping of her TV show and while attending a basketball game in Kentucky. J Anderson, do you think there is a problem with Ms. Lakshmi wearing her hair in this manner? Do you consider it justified she would get pushback for doing so?


I don’t understand the context well enough to discuss that specific example.




Why don’t Native Americans have beards? Never saw a picture of a NA with a beard either. Love NA dancing!


Totally agree, Pappa. I don’t recall there ever being a problem with the Chicago Blackhawks’ name. Guess it’s because they’re the greatest hockey team on the planet!!


Oh this is nothing, I absolutely loathe French food. Those Cheese-eating surrender monkeys can keep their slop the heck away from me.


There’s no such thing as the French “race,” despite how they like to characterize themselves.


Look, certain forms of cultural appropriation can be quite offensive to some. For example, a very white Joe Biden speaking in, for lack of a better description, “ebonics” several years ago in front of a predominantly Black audience, referring to Trump - "he gonna lock ya’ all up in chains - intentionally drawing on slavery/chains, etc. to characterize Trump. That comment was offensive as hell - to me. Or, Hillary Clinton’s sometimes use of what she perceives as stereotypical African-American voice inflection. Or, how about the white woman who several years ago wore her hair in a large “Afro” and used makeup to shade her skin dark in order to pass for an African-American - as I recall, she did so in order to assume leadership of a “Black” group. Or, how about Elizabeth Warren’s appropriation of a Native American identity to open doors for herself and take a position set aside for a Native American. I can also understand that many Blacks would take offense to Al Jolson’s blackface rendition of “Mammy”.

But, Padma Lakshmi taking heat from the “victimhood crowd” for wearing her hair up in cornrows? Really?

I saw a couple of pictures on the internet last night of the participants of the Grammy TV presentations. On stage, in addition to Lady Gaga, were Jada Pinkett-Smith, Alecia Keys and Michelle Obama. Later in the show a picture of Cardi B was posted. I couldn’t help but notice that all 4 of these African-American women wore their hair straight - Anglo Saxon straight hair.

My wife watched the show. Being of scientific mind, I decided to ask her if she took offense to the way these women appeared. She gave me a strange look. I then asked her if she was OK with the way they wore their hair. My wife, getting annoyed at my interruption, then asked me, and I quote, “What in the world are you driving at?” At that point, I asked her if she found their hairdos offensive in any way. My wife’s reaction to my nonsense indicated to me that it was time for me to find shelter in another room of our home.

The continual harangue from the Left regarding “cultural appropriation” over virtually anything and everything is often nothing more than an effort to control the narrative and instill fear regarding being labeled a racist.

Good grief, folks. Have we forgotten that often “Imitation is the sincerest form of flattery”?

I need a haircut. I think I’ll go out and get a “Mohawk”.


I’m bald (at least on top); I guess that means I’m culturally appropriating the look of Curly Neal of the Harlem Globetrotters…


Good one, FC. ROTFLMAO!!!


I guess these whining idiots have never seen an MMA match. Most female MMA fighters put their hair into corn rows I’m guessing to avoid hair pulls, or to keep it out of the way.

Yes, this does include women of all colors.


Native Americans should take it as an honor that sports fans would want their favorite teams to be named after them. I can’t think of a team that is called “the Idiots”, “the Dingbats”, “The Bozos” or “the Jack Asses” except for, of course, the Democrat Party. The names all have a positive connotation that is connected with honor and bravery.

This is just a phoney issue the so-called progressives use to gin up unrest among minorities to get them to vote in anger instead of logic.


Dr. Mike: The last thing I would want to do in my life would be to imitate Moochie. Yuck!


BTW: I don’t think cornrows look good on anyone no matter what color they are.