I hate Opera


To me that is so much screeching. Second are show tunes and although I like to watch old movies I avoid those with singing if the movie is just a vehicle for the songs with little actual content. If it comes to a musical I prefer Gene Kelly over Fred Astaire

I have listened to many forms of music with some being nothing but raucous sounds with nothing to say for it. I even enjoy foreign music although I do not understand the words.

I enjoy mostly country and western music any more except for those singers who try to turn the songs into rock and roll and the music is to busy.


Opera is one of the most beautiful art forms, although some is atrocious, especially post-WWII German opera.


Opera is not my thing, although somewhere I have an audiotape of Bizet’s Carmen that I used to listen to a fair amount.


Agreed! I love my country and whatnot as well.


I can accept you not liking opera but liking Kelly over Astaire is unforgivable! You are out of the will!