I Have a Dream that the Abortion Holocaust Will End


I Have a Dream that the Abortion Holocaust Will End
By Kyle-Anne Shiver
American Thinker

When I met Jesus in the Gospel, I was purely starved for understanding. And for the first time, I became aware of my own evil, my own shortcomings, my own selfishness and hard-heartedness. But I had learned more about Martin too, and I knew by then that he wasn’t all saint and no sinner. Jesus lit my path. Martin showed it was possible. I picked up my own Cross that year and promised to do my best. To fight against evil in my own backyard. To be on the side against the slaveries and the Holocausts and the killing fields.

But I was still very innocent in the ways of evil. I had seen my fair share of evil’s ways, means and mantras, but nothing had prepared me for the soon-to-come Holocaust of abortion.

By 1973, I was married to one of God’s truly good men and pregnant with our first child. Six months after Roe was handed down, our son was born. I was a young mother, consumed with the awe of holding my first child, spending hours just studying those little hands and feet and feeling that tiny mouth at my breast.

It’s hard to capture this in a brief quote, but Kyle-Anne Shiver writes of the individuals who inspired her to go beyond just herself and what her family had been, and one of her dreams.


From the linked article:

Evil by any other name is still the same beast. Children see that. Why can’t we?


Hard to pick any one favorite quote from this piece, she says it all so clear and well.

If I had known then what I know now, I would have taken to the streets that January of 1973, when America committed herself to a Holocaust of unprecedented proportions. I would have taken my babe in arms and run out to wail and keen and beg good people to listen. I would have invoked the names of Anne Frank and the six million other Jews. I would have run to the arms of every Martin in every church in America. I would have thrown myself upon the mercy of anyone who would listen. Stop! Stop! America, what are you doing?

I think most people forget that Americans did not want this Holocaust, it was foisted on us by the Supreme Court against the will of the people.

I won’t lie to my children, though. I will not tell my children that those slavers in the past and those Nazis far away were evil, while we are good. Because as long as this holocaust continues unabated, we are as evil as evil ever gets. And no amount of rationalization or political justice speechifying is going to change that.

This sums up my view.

Like this author I have no illusions about personal purity since becoming a Christian and I will not pretend that anyone can be “good” in the truest sense of the word. But that is different than committing oneself to a life of evil, those who support and defend this atrocity are not “enduring the reality that man has an evil nature” they are sold out to embracing their evil nature.

I have listened to all manner of justification for abortion as well as the character assassination of one of this authors great inspirations (MLK) over the last month or so. I am more convinced than ever of the need to stop arguing about these issues as if we are debating the merits of two different types of tax systems.

These are not subjects that are “civil”.
This is a barbaric and evil slaughter. Being anything less than “all in” in how we characterize those evil monsters who embrace this Holocaust and seek to rewrite history to justify their own blood lust is as contemptible as the purveyors of this evil themselves.

Evil is no less evil if the person telling the lies seems “nice”.

Civil disagreement should be reserved for legitimate differences of opinion, evil liars who slaughter the innocent are not worthy of such consideration.