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Ok. I hear all the time about BO emptying Gitmo. Can someone explain to me why he is hell-bent on emptying it? Aside from the obvious–releasing muslim terrorists–what other possible reason could he have for doing this? And, can he do this?


He is a Muslim, a Muslim sympathizer and Guantanamo represents the incarceration of all his Muslim buddies.


Well, I think that’s a given. But, he has to have some other reason. It can’t be just about muslims.


It was one of his first campaign promises that he hoped would help get him elected, considering how unpopular the war in the Mid-East was becoming at the time.
He was trying to build a legacy - attempting to become famous for something. It didn’t much matter to him what that “something” was, just so long as it made him stand out. And this did among all the slobbering Liberals who felt sorry for all those “poor detainees, held captive for eternity.” (gag)
No intelligent person who cared about the U.S. was in favor of doing something so…well…STUPID.

Then when Ozero traded FOUR of the WORST terrorists in exchange for a TRAITOR to our country, it was more than obvious that he took special pleasure in flipping his middle finger at us, while giving the Muslims a leg up.

WHY is he intent upon doing this? I should think the answer would be clear. The extra bonus will be in handing our military installation there over to the Cubans.

What’s really terrifying is that he’s being allowed to get away with it!

In short, what NJC said.


Yes, it can be. His very hatred of the U.S. stems from his very upbringing as a Muslim, himself.


Yes, that’s true. He also had a communist upbringing, too. So, that makes it clear why he wanted to lift the sanctions off of Cuba. I worked in south Florida for a long time and I can tell you that the Cubans are not happy with this. They suffered terribly at the hand of Fidel and now under his son. If he’s concerned about his legacy, he will be happy to know that he will go down as the worst president ever.


Libs & Progs built the image/narrative, during GWB’s Presidency, that Gitmo was a place of torture and atrocity. So closing Gitmo was one of BHO’s promises in 2008, and he wants to keep that promise (that it took him 8 years is something he hopes few will realize).


Terrorists released from Gitmo and have gone back to terrorism


As I understand it, it ain’t a done deal.


Why the GITMO releases? 2 Basic Reasons.

  1. The radical Left, of course that includes Obama, has for years proffered the completely unsubstantiated belief that GITMO detention assists terrorist recruitment.

  2. He made a campaign promise to his audience and he is attempting to pad his “legacy”. Folks are, of course, free to identify who/what constitutes that audience as they see fit.

I think most people, that includes me, thinks our projected weakness/releasing terrorists and having our military personnel captured and humiliated in public and doing little to respond to terrorist attacks is what enhances recruitment.

I think Obama is hoping to empty GITMO before the clock runs out on his presidency so he can ensure the closure of the base and turn it over to Cuba - that would make Obama a hero on the Left and serve to ensure we can never use it again for detention/interrogation.

Obama is a “true believer” in the tradition written about by Eric Hoffer more than 60 years ago - ie: for such people, beliefs trump facts. Whatever else he might be is open to debate.


Why indeed? I have come to believe that Obama’s actions are motivated by the anti-colonialism and anti-imperialism of his father. It explains his numerous insults to the British, his anti-Zionist policies, affection for the Muslim Brotherhood, Iran and his desire end America’s position as the world’s sole superpower. Guantanamo is just another piece of the puzzle.

  1. Cuba is a Communist country that Obama is visiting soon, he would love to give Gitmo back to Cuba and closing the prison would be a good first step to closing the military base; think Carter giving away the Panama Canal.

  2. If these extremist Muslims are put in our regular prison system they will have great opportunities to recruit domestic criminals in the fight against “The Great Satan” who has locked them up, they will also gain access to many gang resources by befriending imprisoned gang members and obtaining their loyalty.

  3. Moving these Terrorists into our domestic system gives them our Rights to Due Process, this means they will be able to spew their propaganda publicly in court and it also means that our military (who is not trained, able or charged with building an evidence strong case on the battlefield) will in many cases NOT have sufficient evidence to get them convicted in a domestic court; so they will be freed to walk right back into the battle against us.

Obama wants to set things in motion that will continue to bear fruit for his anti american agenda long after he leaves office, closing Gitmo will be just such an achievement.


Gonna nit pick a bit but I am under the impression that Raul is a brother of Fidel rather than Fidel’s son.


I am still angry sweater boy(Carter) gave away the Panama Canal and his love affair with Arafat.

We already have muslims trying to convert fellow prisoners and obama’s wish to dump hard core terrorists into the prisons is further proof of his wish to destroy America.

U.S. prisons becoming Islam battleground-(% of Muslims in US prisons higher than general population)


Given the myriad sources of information available to all of us, for one to remain clueless, or appear to be clueless, requires a willful effort.

Assuming the absence of a learning disorder, Obama and the Left obviously understand that closing GITMO and bringing the very worst of a bad bunch to prisons in the US will be viewed as a victory by terrorist groups.

He also understands that transferring these thugs to the US will serve to “infect” many members of our current prison population with their deadly ideology.

He further understands that the intel community’s ability to gather information from enemy combatants detained in the future will be negatively impacted by detaining them in the USA - once on US soil, these thugs will lawyer up and shut up.

In Obama’s world, we are not in a war with radical Islam. No, in his world he views such slaughters as those in Paris and San Bernardino as nothing more than large-scale CRIMINAL assaults, not acts of war. Thus, for Obama and the Left, the terrorist perps are to be granted due process in US courts.

During the lead-up to WW2 Britain had her “useful idiot”, Neville Chamberlain. For nearly 8 years now we’ve been stuck with Neville Chamberlain 2.0.

I don’t know what Obama is, but if he’s not pro Islamist, he might just as well be.


Forget about N. Korea! This really is scary! I can’t believe people voted for this commie maxist. TWICE. Some black actors (can’t remember their names) are “threatening” to leave the country if a republican gets into the WH. Do they really think anyone cares?


CT - I’m not without funds. If you can recall their names, let me know - I’ll gladly purchase them a first class, one way plane ticket to, let’s see - Phuket, Thailand sounds about right. LMAO.

Lefties of all ethnic stripes have forever made such threats. To our country’s detriment, these ass clowns never carry out the threats to leave.



I have noticed this as well over the years. I am still waiting for the msm headlines noting such a departure. My comment really is don’t let the door hit you in the rump as you leave. Do not hurry back!


Here is a partial list:

Whoopi Goldberg (that’s a big surprise, no?)
Al Sharpton (if only it was true)
Raven-Symone (one of the characters on Bill Cosby show)
Jon Stewart
Samuel L. Jackson (he should stick with stoopid commercials)
Rosie O’Donnell (she is delusional that anyone cares what she says or does)
Eddie Griffin (don’t have a clue who this is)

Hopefully, there will an exodus leaving the country from follywood.


Thanks - If Osama Bin Laden were alive we could provide him the flight number!! LMAO!!