I have a secret


Just think of the president who has revealed information to potential enemies as you watch this video



Of course, none of this applies to the Democratic Presidential candidate.


My wife & I were talking about the public & Hillary’s emails. Sadly the general public doesn’t see or understand how important keeping information safe is. While the cartoon was cute, I think about the battle of Midway or even shooting down Yamamoto. Midway turned the war around simply because we knew where they were going to attack & we were ready for them. We knew where & when Yamamoto was going to be traveling & because of that we shot him down. Information on what others are doing is key for a lot of things. Hillary exposed that information just so that our government wouldn’t be able to read her private emails. Nothing to prosecute her for my ass.


Oh & I guess that I should have added that she got a briefing about security right after being appointed SOD (a 2 hour briefing) & signed documents say that she understood what was required of her & still we did not prosecute her.


History has told us that seldom do politicians face the same punishment for doing things that would get ordinary citizens put in jail. Remember Pelosi saying that when the democrats took over the House that politicians would be held to a higher standard and punished? Well she followed that by doing just the opposite.


The allies had broken Germany’s and Japan’s most secret codes. So much was known that field/sea operations had to be done in such a way that the Germans and Japanese wouldn’t smell a rat and change their communications codes drastically.

The SHREW potentially compromised things being done, things planned, people doing it, sources of information (directly and “Who knows X” process of elimination), our capabilities and weaknesses, and our “style” of doing things.

I don’t think she did those things intentionally, I think she “just” wanted to evade accountability and the FOIA especially. And did it with monumental stupidity.


The risk of exposure of our top secret information is half of the story of Hillary Clinton’s crimes. The other half is the contents of the emails that she erased. Since she was taking millions of dollars from foreign governments while she was secretary of state, we have no way of knowing what kinds of services she might have performed for that money. Foreign governments don’t give you millions without an expectation of getting something in return. Ditto for Wall Street investment houses like Goldman Sacks. Her correspondence with them was probably on those emails that she erased as well. Her private email server was not “for convenience;” it was keep her fund raising activities secret.

Hillary should be forced to reveal the contents of those emails and the speeches for which she and Bill have been paid millions. Since she gave them while she was a public official, they should be a matter of public record. Instead she has demanded that there was no press coverage at those Clinton Foundation fundraisers and that the contents of those speeches never be revealed.

It was my understanding that computer experts might have been able to have revived some of the erased emails. That, of course, will never happen now with FBI Director Comey is covering for Hillary. If she did anything illegal that has been found on any of her emails, Comey should be indicted for obstruction of justice.


I don’t think she did those things intentionally, I think she “just” wanted to evade accountability and the FOIA especially. And did it with monumental stupidity.
Intentionally…Yes & No. Did she set out to harm the U.S., no I doubt it. She set out to protect her personal emails (& she said that in an email). She didn’t want anyone to be able to read them. Remember she knew the requirements & why they were in place & protecting her personal emails was more important. So to me she said I want to do what I want to do & screw the requirements because what I want is more important. She might even have thought “Screw it, I’m above the Law”. If she did think that, turns out that she was right.


Hillary is not out to harm the country. She and Bill out for money and power. Anyone who denies that is either a Democrat or naive. She’s neutral about the country. If making her richer furthers the national interest, all the better. But the Clinton Crime Family is primarily out its OWN interests, PERIOD.

Chelsea Clinton will be 44 when her mom has had her eight years as president. JFK was that age when he became president, so she will be ready to take over the family business. Don’t be surprised if Chelsea runs for senator from some state.