I Invented a New Drink

I call it a Laverne (after Laverne and Shirley)

Get a blender put in a lot of ice cream (whatever sounds good)

Add milk up to just below where the ice cream stops

Pour in a soda (again whatever sounds good with the ice cream you chose)

Add anything else you want

Blend well

It should kind of come out like a milkshake with a kick

I would add BAILEYS Irish Cream Liqueur.



Oh that sounds good!

Minus Bucks and Elmira’s suggestion of liquor. lol

could you put in beer and tomato juice?

A head of cabbage.

Liquor, Beer, Cabbage, old batteries whatever you like. But only tell your friends that it’s my recipe if they like it.

I will tell them that I got it from a person named “Dark1” …and they will all think I’m nuts. lol

Aincha a few years shy of drinking age, young lady? :drink3:

Don’t worry- I would skip the alchy part of this recipe. I don’t drink now, and I don’t plan to in the future.

My 21th birthday part is going to be a blast…we’re all gonna drink water.:howler:

As long as it isn’t that bottled stuff… :drink3:

This sounds really good. I need to go get some rice cream.

My ex-girlfriend, who was Italian/Sicilian & Greek, could not believe my cooking skills. Totally off subject I know, just really bored. Lol. I make a mean shrimp scampi :stuck_out_tongue:

Sounds good. With or without alcohol, it would send my glucose levels through the roof.


Hey, I like the bottled stuff. I’m cheap though. I drink it up and then refill all the bottles from the tap and drink them again. Apparently I also bore easily.

I only bought bottled water when I was travelling. When I used to go to Cleveland every week, I’d stop at a grocery store & buy some grapes, then I’d buy a bottle of water to rinse them off. I’d refill them - not from the tap directly, but we filter all our water to improve the taste - with the filtered water. Periodically, I’d wash them using a little chlorox bleach to sterilize them. Just recently I bought two “real” water bottles, so I no longer use the ones I bought with water.

I have a Watercooler, and so I fill those 5gal jugs for $1 at the store using their filter system.

Our church has a setup in the fellowship hall where the youth groups can buy snacks when they meet. Our pastor said they sell more water a $1 a bottle than pop at 50 cents a can.

Susanna, Have you ever had alcohol? I was thinking you had said somewhere that you never tasted it.