I’m Back Too Redux

I’m Back Too Redux. I had to get back in the game before the election.

I am back and
Trump is back!

Glad to see you back, @TrumpTrain2 !!!

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Welcome back!

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Hello, were you Trump Train the original?


It’s going to take all hands on deck to beat this bunch of communist barbarians. There is little difference between rioters in Portland and the members of Congress who totally disrespected Attorney General Bill Barr.
In other developments, the Democrats are looking to scuttle the three presidential debates. They know that Biden is too senile to survive a confrontation with Trump. He never was much of a debater when he had his brains.
One lame excuse is that “Trump is a liar,” and Biden will have to spend all of his time correcting him. In the old days a big gaff was enough to turn a debate, but if Trump were to say that the leader of China favored democracy, it would take Biden half an hour to figure out that Trump had misspoken, if then.


Yep, TrumpTrain, all one word.
The account still seems to be good but I clicked the “forgot password” link a billion times and even though the site it said it would send me a password re-set email it never did, so I had to start a new account.

That is fine, when I finally get ownership of this forum, I can reset it back to original name, having all of the new postings saved too.


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I volunteer to be a moderator if you need one.

Are you from California?

I have recently been doxed multiple times and had to argue with my boss so I’m not saying a damm thing about myself. Sorry.