I’m from the UN and I’m Here to Help


I’m from the UN and I’m Here to Help
December 17, 2010 - by Theodore Dalrymple
Pajamas Media

That human action or activity often has unintended consequences is not a new observation.

Among the activities that often have results very different from those envisaged or desired is foreign aid. …

To the roll of unintended consequences must now be added the likely introduction of cholera into Haiti by Bangladeshi troops there who are part of the UN peacekeeping force there.

There is a terrible irony to all this that the authors do not mention. The Bangladeshis now suffer from the largest mass outbreak of arsenic poisoning in the history of mankind, thanks to the wells in their country drilled (with the best of intentions, no doubt) by UNICEF. The arsenic was in the groundwater, and millions of Bangladeshis now suffer from chronic arsenic poisoning …

Good intentions aren’t enough. “Fair” (rather than foul) means are not enough. Intelligence is also needed, and the UN seems not to have been particularly so, either in Haiti “peacekeeping” mission or the Bangladeshi wells problem.


If the UN really wanted to help folks, they’d just get out of the way.


The UN does want to help “folks”…they want to help themselves and their cronies to what anyone else has


well…all that aid money to Haiti was bound to bring out the vermin. DuValier is returning to Haiti.


Goodness, it’s been a long time - I had to think a while to place that name.