‘I’m gonna start riot like it’s Baltimore’: Killer Milwaukee cop made amateur rap vid


‘I’m gonna start riot like it’s Baltimore’: Killer Milwaukee cop made amateur rap video

The Milwaukee police officer, whose killing of Sylville Smith led to rebellion in the city last weekend, appeared in a rap video last year where he made light of Baltimore’s civil unrest.

Officer Dominique Heaggan-Brown, aka KB Domo, pursues music in his spare time and featured in the version of Monster recorded by Milwaukee hip-hop artist DAE Flywalker in 2015.


Not the smartest thing to do. Kind of makes me wonder about his judgement.



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When you hire by quota based upon skin color, sexual orientation or anything other than a best qualified to do the job then this is what you get…


That seems to be the problem of the age. We look at these conflicts and try to determine who’s right and who’s wrong; but so often today ALL sides are wrong.

Obviously this guy was a cop for some time, so he wasn’t making a habit of provoking people to threaten him. On the other hand, he apparently DID have some fantasies.

Scumbag dirty cop meets scumbag thug gangsta - and somebody’s dead and a whole quadrant of the city is afire.

This dirty-on-all-sides stuff reminds me of the Trumpy Sagas. The Party Elites pushing their cipher-god - and who cannot stand the idea that the Muppets resist. And the cultists, pushing their Orange Julius Caesar - who have their fantasy, their narrative, and don’t want FACTS interfering. There’s a conflict…and who’s right? NEITHER. They’re BOTH coming from the side of deceit and lies and personal agendas; and BOTH sides, EITHER side, if allowed to take their desires to a conclusion, will fail.

There seems, anymore, no regard for virtue or upstanding morals. Not in public office and not in the city police force. Even the Boy Scouts finally caved to the sodomites.


Its a new world, its called: Idiotocracy


Perhaps he was just fooling around?