‘I’m not a mistake’: five women conceived in rape support Senate candidate Mourdock


I’m not a mistake’: five women conceived in rape support Senate candidate Mourdock

[The women released a video today, sharing their moving stories, and supporting Indiana’s embattled Senate candidate Richard Mourdock.



Interesting and powerful perspective. I doubt that the MSM gives it any time because not only does it provide cover for Mourdock’s remarks, it also slaughters their sacred cow of abortion.


Republicans don’t need to be silent about this issue, they need to keep on bringing it up until it changes, there is a genocide going on in America, and it’s being defended by the MSM and the DNC. I hope both of the two groups I mentioned will be remembered in history. The Democrats have supported slavery and the mistreatment of Native Americans historically, it only makes sense that they support abortion. I hope the GOP keeps on pressing the issue.


Dumb. Instead of letting his INTENT remarks fade out of the news and focusing on his POSITIVE CONSERVATIVE agenda…this keeps the issue that drives independents away in the headlines. Hope he wins but this is stupid election eve strategy.


And now Rasmussen shows the evidence of his folly in the first poll since his remarks.
He had a 5 point lead and now TRAILS by 3 points. Damn.

**Friday, November 02, 2012

Democratic Congressman Joe Donnelly has a three-point lead over Republican Richard Mourdock in the closing days of Indiana’s U.S. Senate race.

The latest Rasmussen Reports telephone survey of Likely Indiana Voters shows Donnelly with 45% support to Mourdock’s 42%. A surprisingly large number of voters either prefer another candidate in the race (6%) or remain undecided (6%). **

Guess God doesn’t INTEND for you to win that Senate seat Mourdock. (Or Reps to control the Senate.)
I note that the same poll has Romney expanding his Indiana lead to 10 points.


Howey/DePauw in Indiana has Romney +10, Pence +7 and Mourdock -11


That’s a 21 point margin between him and Romney.

I can guarantee average voters do not care that much about what he said. Come election day, people will vote R or D.


the undecided vote in the Romney poll is only at 8% and its at a massive 17% in Mourdock’s poll. So the gap will close but I would bet a massive shift in independents will severely hurt Mourdock’s chances to win the race.


I believe that a lot of people in Indiana agree with Mourdock.


Raising a ruckus over these social issues is suicide for the GOP. It looks like the Dems’ strategy of using fear of social fascism to tar the GOP’s reputation, at a time when the economy on their watch in in free fall, is working - the Dems will keep the Senate.


Everyone who supports abortion should prove it by volunteering to be one retroactively.


I really don’t care if the GOP loses every election because their regarded as too extreme, abortion kills over one million a year. In the US alone, we have legally murdered more people than the worldwide casualty totals in WWI.


Real smart there. If Dems control the Senate YOU don’t get the Supreme Court Justices you need to overturn Roe v. Wade.
Sometimes I just have to shake my head in wonderment. Mr. Mourdock and Akin just assured you of at least 2 more years of the status quo…and if Obama wins and appoints 2 more justices like Sotamayor CONFIRMED BY THE SENATE MAJORITY…you’ve got 20 more years of status quo. Which by your calculation would be another 20 million abortions all because some extremist social cons couldn’t keep their yaps shut. (BTW…extremist social cons means the fringe end of the social cons…not the mainstream.)


Forget about the Supreme Court overturning Roe v. Wade. They aren’t interested. Though I do agree we don’t need more Obama justices.

Jointly, Congress should constitutionally strip the authority of the SCOTUS in this case, and the states should nullify Roe v. Wade, and the executive branch should support both in their efforts.

Also, a constitutional amendment is more likely than overturning Roe v. Wade.


Exactly, the Establishment GOP wants to admit they are Pro Abortion so they always attack whatever Conservatives are left in the Party hoping to drive them underground.

If Conservatives allow the peer pressure of GOP Liberals to motivate them to silence on the Right to Life, Liberty or Property then they are no better than the Establishment GOP or any Demoncrat, the only credibility any of these baby killers have is what Conservatives give them by pretending they are worthy of responding to.

Let them cry with all the Demoncrats all they want about how innocent babies should be killed for convenience, they are not worthy of a response other than reminding them that they are bloodthirsty murderers.


As long as John Roberts is Chief Justice innocent human life will have no Constitutional protection, Roberts is young and has no respect for Liberty. He will be a curse on all Constitutional Rights for as long as he is on the bench.


Ret, I couldn’t agree more with both posts.


Yeah…that’s likely…a position that has support of <25% of the people is gonna be a constitutional amendment after 40 years of trying and accomplishing nothing.
The nullification theory…ditto…and we’ve been through that before.


The difference is, trying to overturn the Roe v. Wade has been publicly advocated for decades, while the other solutions haven’t. That should change.


Abortion laws won’t be changed for several decades, I believe things are moving in the right direction though.

It will take a tireless pro-life movement, because, unlike every other injustice, those affected cannot fight back.