“I’m Pretty Tired Of Certain People Trash-Talking America’s Military And Troops


You have done more than any president in recent history to degrade our military strength, leaving out military at dangerously low preparedness levels. You hired one Secretary of State who allowed our men to die in Benghazi and others to be wounded, you and she lied about it covered it up, and she called the parents of the dead liars. Your next Secretary of State slandered our military accusing them of basically being baby killers.
You also did locked elderly veterans out of their memorials, just to make a political point and hurt Republicans.

Obama Chutzpah: “I

Not to mention that returning soldiers are now labeled rightwing extremists by Homeland Security. Soldiers are routinely brought up on charges for doing their duty. obama tried to get soldiers to pay for any injuries sustained by private insurance. Then there is the rules of engagement that does not allow them to fight back.


Yea, and I am SICK and TIRED of a TRASH talking POTUS, suggest you go @shuck & jive


leaving out military at dangerously low preparedness levels.
I’m not pointing fingers because I don’t know when it started but here goes. Now the military loves new weapon systems. I get that. I also get that advanced weapon systems save lives. Just look at the kill ratio between our tanks & those that fought against them. So no sane person should argue with that fact. But in my opinion we need to cut back on weapons systems & use the money to support a larger number of people. You don’t control the battlefield until you have boots on the ground & we just don’t have enough boots. In our last little war we had to control gates of bases with hired people rather than military people because the military was needed somewhere else. The number of deployments that our guys & gals have almost back to back is insane. That’s because we need more people than we have. True, advanced weapons systems allow us to do more with less but we have gone to far in that direction. I believe that our military will always do what’s required of them but the shortages in manpower makes their lives hell (like being away from your family 3 out of 5 years).
Then there’s another element to think of. In battles with a high number of casualties where do the replacements come from? We’ve been lucky in that we haven’t fought that kind of war in a while but it could happen. While it doesn’t take that long to train new people, if they aren’t seasoned & just thrown into battle a lot of time they become cannon fodder. Replacements in WWII tended to not last as long because it takes time for them to work as a unit. A bigger reserve of trained people would cut down on that. Just my thoughts.


Oh & as far as Obama (or democrats for that matter) is concerned they talk about money moving from the military to our social programs. Nice idea, that you don’t need as big of a military as we have & can start new social programs with that money (nice if your a socialist, that is). But here’s an interesting fact, dems use our military too., even Obama has. So cutting the military sounds great right up until the time you use them. Better weapons & more people on the battlefield translates into less death on your side. Just something to think about. My comments about the size of our military are above.
I’ll edit this & add: I tend to agree with Trump on this point. The U.S. military is being used as a tool for the U.N. That’s ok because basically we have the best military & we support the U.N. policies & we would be there anyway. So why not have those countries that vote for us going in with our military share some of the cost? That seems logical to me.


Dems DO NOT care about deaths on the battlefield as long as its just a bunch of white guys dying for there country…


I’m sure he means Khan. That’s cuz he’s a muslim, too.


And, what’s even scarier is that with a weakened military and numbers down, N.Korea, China, ISIS are just waiting for all of that to happen. And it will unless SOMEONE builds up the military instead of knocking it down. BTW, whatever happened to that disgusting deserter a few months back? (Can’t remember his name…CRS, you know…)


They are only concerned about military personnel after they leave the service so that they can buy their votes with VA benefits. The only problem is that they forgot to actually provide medical service.


They are only concerned about military personnel after they leave the service so that they can buy their votes with VA benefits.
Some may not know this: Most people that put in 20 or more years do not have VA benefits. For instance the VA wouldn’t see me if I had a hangnail. Mostly those that put in less than 20 years are seen at the VA. (Some can be seen at both. My wife is one of those). It’s done that way because of money issues. Care is paid for out of different pies. Just like when you get old enough for medicare they transfer part of the cost of medical care that pie too.
Oh & for those that really don’t know that FREE medical care (paid for by much lower wages while you were in) now has a yearly fee, plus you also may have to pay for prescriptions if your local place (in my case it’s a base) doesn’t carry them. And of course another small fee if your sent down town. None of those fees are huge, don’t get me wrong. It’s just to me (because I have the money to pay, some don’t) a pisser that we were promised something & congress voted it away after the fact. Kind of the way you would feel if you were hired for a job & told your pay was $15 per hour & then when payday came you found out you were paid $13.50 per hour. A pisser!