I Need Help On A Hose End Sprayer

I have been cleaning my home’s siding and using 30 second outdoor cleaner (excellent stuff) and a water hose.

I was using my pressure washer until I started to ‘dislodge/unhinge’ some of the siding. :frowning:

One side of my home is on a steep incline and a ladder (for an old guy like myself) is just too dangerous.

That side is about thirty feet from ground to top and I need some type of sprayer to apply the cleaner.

I’m willing to chance a short extension ladder for extra reach but I am not willing to ‘climb’ 15 to 20 feet on the longer extension!

I can’t find exactly what I need with the search hose end sprayer.

Yes, I do need one but … I need one that will shoot a fair distance.
(10 to12 feet)

Everyone that I find have a wide spray pattern or a very short stream.

The one in the picture below is the ‘kind’ of attachment that I need but doesn’t have the spray distance.

Any suggestions?


You could buy a piece of galvanized pipe the length you need and fittings for each end of it to connect a hose (one end male, the other female), put the gun sprayer on one end and the hose on the other. Then lock the gun sprayer handle open and hold the pipe while you turn on the hose bib.

A little crude but effective :slight_smile:

Try looking at the sprayers at Home Depot. I have a large bottle sprayer, holds maybe a gal max and has hose and a spray wand I can do stream or spray, About $12 bucks