I need somebodys help...


I’m desperately trying to open respectively click the “contact us”-button on the American-Conservative-Unit’s website: American Conservative Union |

But I’m always getting the error-message:
[contact-form-7 id=”7220″ title=”Contact form 1].
No email-address is displayed.

Please, can anybody try to click the button – it’s on the mentioned url on the left side below – and tell me if you couldn’t open the window too or it’s because a problem of my browser.

Many Thanks!

philipp, I went to the ACU’s website, clicked their “Contact Us” link, and got a similar result, a blank form with, “[contact-form-7 id=”7220″ title=”Contact form 1″]”. Looks like they have a problem with the mail-to on that webpage.

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You can contact them on their facebook page.

If it is real important and you don’t belong to facebook, I will be more than happy to relay your message!

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Well I have hung around for as long as possible!
(Kept this page open while surfing in another window)

I guess that the poster was either successful in making contact or … it wasn’t that big of an emergency!?:frown:

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Thanks’ to all of you! I don’t understand why such a big organization can have such a problem. I saw no mail-adresses too, so nobody can contact them. But I will try to approach one of the displayed persons on the site directly.

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No Problem here!!