I need someone's help!!!!!


OMGosh! I am so upset! I have been dealing with COMCAST for the past two months since I’ve been here. They have to be the absolute worst cable company on the planet! Trying to get to first base with either their customer service people on the phone or online is like trying to pull someone through a knot-hole. I think giving birth to a porcupine would be less painful.

Does anyone have any suggestions as to what to do? I’m told that only Comcast serves this building, but what about DirectTV? Anyone have any experience with them??? I am at my wits’ end. Talking to their online folks is like trying to talk to someone from the planet Zeno–I’m sure they’re all in Indonesia somewhere, too. UGH!!! God give me patience!!!


Next time you call customer service for Comcast then hit the # sign over and over repeatedly and it will mess up their system and cause a human to answer.


OMGosh!!! That is sooooo funny, BOP!!! You know I’m gonna do that for sure!! You have experience in this regard?? :slight_smile:


Haha I just heard that it works from the Internet. Please let me know if it does!


I will, but I can tell you that I won’t be calling these morons back until Tuesday. I’m too disgusted with them. But, I’ll let you know!!


What BOP said also works (more or less) with the phone company - at least, Verizon. If you say something that doesn’t make any sense to the computer - and I sometimes stammer around trying to give the “right” information - it will give me a live body.


Hahahaha!! Yeah…I’ve had experiences with those stupid voice-computers…“I didn’t understand your response…” UGH!! Infuriating! I just keep yelling “REPRESENTATIVE!!!” until it will finally connect me. But with Comcast, it’s like a perpetual loop. And the online site is even worse. Even though I put in my pin # and answer the “secret question” it still continues to ask me more “secret” questions. Honestly, it can turn a calm, easy-going, reasonable person into a raging maniac.