I retired from teaching (economics) and faculty meetings to create the Institute for Objective Policy Assessment and foster a conversation on HOW to do "School System Reform," right

The most urgent thing is the focused “School System Reform” conversation.

Welcome to the forum! Have you ever seen any John Stossel pieces on education? I like those.

Yes, the Stossel pieces are great, but he doesn’t get into solutions. My book does: https://www.amazon.com/School-System-Reform-Price-less-Tale/dp/1645599620/ref=sr_1_2?dchild=1&keywords=“School+System+Reform”&qid=1597003877&sr=8-2

Low performing K-12 is an existential threat.

I agree.

I believe in competition. School choice. Give parents vouchers from education taxes dollars and let them send their kids where they want to.

Also get rid of unions so we can fire rotten teachers.

Threat?? Sorry, but it’s been a fact in education for 40 years. I am also a retired teacher. Classically trained, that is. The public school system is beyond help. It needs to be shut down including all teacher unions/federations, school boards, college classes in education, and the department of education in WDC abolished. That’s just for starters.


True, CT. Someone once opined that universities’ “Colleges of Education” should be treated like unwanted kittens and drowned aborning as they serve no useful purpose other than as repositories for students too ignorant to function in any other discipline.

BTW, welcome to RO John 6-6.

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I agree with that too

Thank you. Yes, there are lots of things that a lot of people believe need to happen. We’re going to stay stuck in our “Nation at Risk” (google) system unless we get much more on the same page. That’s why I wrote “School System Reform.” That’s why it needs to be widely read. Please help.

Are you just here to huckster a book?

School System Reform is my top priority, and so I wrote a book with that title; won’t do anyone any good unless it is widely read. I’m also starting a think tank, the Institute for Objective Policy Assessment (IOPA). IOPA will address many issues widely neglected elsewhere; for example Fiscal Sustainability, and IOPA is doing a Climate Change Audit; extracting key truths from a terribly muddled debate.

There isn’t a Central Planning fix to the ongoing Central Planning failure. That’s why I wrote “School System Reform.” We need a focused conversation. As long as 1000 people have 1000 different solutions we’ll stay stuck at ‘Nation at Risk.’

The right kinds of school choice expansion are a key element of the needed transformation. For example, we can’t rely on charter schools to get us where we need to go. They’ve done great things, but suffer severe limitations, especially shortages and scandal that arise from price control. We need to exit full dependence on Central Planning. Charters don’t achieve that. We need more/better choice, diversity of schooling options, and energize entrepreneurship without donor dependence. We also need a new approach to equity. https://www.barnesandnoble.com/w/school-system-reform-john-merrifield/1134999631?ean=9781645599616

There is no “terribly muddled debate” about “Climate Change.” There’s really no debate at all. A few “scientists” who rely on fear to keep the research dollars flowing are propagating a bunch of nonsense about the planet burning up and everybody else with two active brain cells knows they’re lying through their teeth.

Secondly, school reform is simple. Get the government OUT of the “education” business altogether. It was never intended to be the government’s business and still shouldn’t be. The very LAST thing we need is some big-dome in Washington, D.C. handing down edicts to ALL U.S. schools as to what MUST be taught and HOW it must be taught. Every so often, some doctoral candidate will publish a paper and some moron in the bowels of the D.C. swamp will read it and decide it’s a good idea and it then somehow becomes government education “policy.” “Outcome-Based Education” (OBE) was one such as more recently was “No Child Left Behind.”