I see some women have not been tricked by our Fifth Column media personalities


CLICK HERE to listen to what Diamond and Silk are saying about illegal immigration.

CLICK HERE to listen to what Diamond and Silk are saying about the Trump vs Hillary debate.

And CLICK HERE to listen to what these women are saying in Charlotte, NC about crooked Hillary Clinton.

It’s comforting to see our big Fifth Column news media is loosing its iron grip over the minds of the American people.


Without our Fifth Column Media, Loretta Lynch and a corrupted FBI, Hillary Clinton would be making license tags in a federal penitentiary


Propaganda is a tool to use on the masses. Sadly even the truth can’t survive unless it is seen over & over. The left’s control of most of the media out there is darned near complete & they have the widest control over what people think. Basically it comes down to one person shouting the truth in an auditorium of people shouting lies, who is going to get heard? And as we’ve seen before, one lie repeated a thousand times becomes the truth to the masses. The only way to change where we are at today is to start more conservative national media outlets & compete with the liberal media. Videos on U-tube or any other secondary way to get the truth out are basically like stapling the message to a telephone pole. Not enough people will see it to further your cause.


That almost perfectly mirrors an article I was just reading yesterday.


Growing up in a military family and being military I was exposed to the propaganda of the USSR going back to the 50’s as my father spoke, wrote and read Russian at the Native level, which one step beyond Fluent. I can tell you that all govts to some extent spin to the positive , but propaganda is based upon LIES and while I saw spin it was not until ObuttBoy got in office that propaganda became the news of the day. Propaganda should be punished as its nothing but lies…

I grew up with a dad that was a hard liner, but if he caught you in a lie the belt came off, to this day, if you lie to me I am finished with you…