I shouldn't of

I put this under faith and family. Like fantasy chaser said I shouldn’t of been baited. I should of been patient, and let people reap what they sow. I too fall short. I really actually have learned things here, about half of the site members are really a lot more moderate than I had expected. I think we both fear each others leaders, we trust each other, but not each others leaders.

Alaska_slim is well versed in economics. Fantasy Chaser is a center right faith and family Republican (half of my family is). SendGop is a classic movement conservative from the Reagan years. I’d like to think gutsandcasaca is a younger person (he knew who Silversun Picks We’re).

We all have an agenda of course, we’re all lacking, and we all have gifts. I still think America is the greatest country on earth. I’m not even going to pay time to the individual who stirred the pot. Like I said on 9/11 2001 we were Americans first maybe I’m a dreamer to be that way. I know, that nothing is impossible with God.


It’s hard to remember that we’re all people when the opinions start coming out. If I met some crazy liberal in the street and they needed my help would I even care about their politics? Nope. I’d help them no matter what.

I do understand that TG was quite trying.

Still I had a responsibility here. I’m not the kind of person to displace fault. I had fault.

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I appreciate your attitude.

I don’t. Anybody who isn’t a republican never needs to admit fault because they don’t have any.

I used to be a satirist never realized how annoying yet ineffective it was. I see why people appreciate sincerity even when it isn’t nice.