I smell coercion

Anyone else feel manipulated?
Since we are in MEDIA CRISIS MODE for the fifth consecutive month, I am forced to wonder; why?
*are honest journalists reporting just the facts?( a real knee-slapper!!! Comedy at it’s best!!!)
*Could we be influenced? Could ALL MEDIA have an agenda?
*And I do not mean simple Pro-Trump vs Anti-Trump.
I mean it has happened before (see under VIETNAM WAR or WATERGATE)
I am so disgusted with the manipulating media, I am considering returning to my position that I held during the OBAMA YEARS: BLACKOUT! A total news moratorium!
Drastic,you say? Can’t be done?
Consider this: news thugs are an invasive species… to be effective,you must eradicate it . COLD TURKEY!
Spare me, child…your opinion is set already and not so very important that you risk peace,a low blood pressure, and your figurative and physical heart health…not to mention mental health.
So I propose you consider being a news dropout.
Try it for one month.
You can’t change the news, but the news can change YOU!
(and don’t worry about missing out on news…SOME BLABBER-MOUTH will tell you! They will despise your serenity and want you to worry,too!!!)

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I"ve often wanted to try a news blackout for a 30 day period.

I don’t watch any main-stream news shows. I watched FoxNews once in awhile, but I don’t anymore. To be honest, it’s boring and it’s like a broken record. Trump this and Trump that. I get very sick of it.

Stretching the topic a little with a question;
How many looters are early release inmates let out because of liberal leadership "responding to COVID"by emptying jails? Hmmm.

Media shows what it’s viewers want to see. This is to say that MSM media no longer has as a goal the objective reporting of information, but rather, media is a reflection of the people that watch/ listen/ read it in order to draw loyal readers/ listeners/ watchers so that the people that watch can better be categorized for advertising and political influence.

BS. Media has as a guiding principle the concept that it’s up to THEM to determine what people “want/need” so see.

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Now that my news diet is underway,I am noticing the sneaky way that outlets pile on the stuff…
Yahoo search engine will give you a taste of “news” just by opening the site.
Many T.V. outlets pop in a feed between shows to give you a peek into the next news broadcast and the tripe you can expect to see.
We also have a PANDEMIC OF POLITICAL PUNDITS that will pop in at any time…
Even gas stations have news bites on the pump (Shell, for example) for you to see while you pump gas!
Now, are young naive voters able to FILTER THIS??? Even we mature conservatives are easy targets…

I hear ya. I use Microsoft or MSN as my browser. In the years that I’ve used MSN, I have not once read a positive article or statement on President Trump. I wish I could find a different browser.

I have seen enough of this manure. All the news is on the lane stream media is this demonstrator garbage. It’s boring, and repetitive. There is no room for news stories that should get more attention.

I know that the left can’t get enough of this because, “We are all victims of the system.” For the rest us, it’s time to move on. These news casts are nothing but 24 minute (30 less 6 for commercials) ads for the Democrat Party.