I Spy: Photographer who secretly snapped neighbors goes to court


Space-starved New Yorkers might know better than to expect privacy in their glass-and-steel residential boxes. Yet, even by Manhattan standards, an exhibit by a photographer who used a zoom lens to secretly photograph his neighbors napping and eating has caused a citywide stir - and two legal actions, so far.
[COLOR=#366388]Photographer Arne Svenson says he 'started the project after inheriting a telephoto lens from a friend. He began taking pictures of the apartments opposite his own Tribeca home in 2012.[/COLOR]
Those images are now on show — and for sale at prices of up to $7,500 per photo — at a Chelsea gallery, where they prompted a legal complaint from Martha and Matthew Foster, parents of the young children featured in two of his photographs.

Now this is just wrong this guy should be in jail.


Be in jail? No. Fined handily, yes.


But many bureaucrats (and other folks) think it’s just fine for the government to do this.


I think it was a couple of years ago some photographer got into trouble for taking photos of some star in her hotel room.


I was gonna say - In jail? Heck, I’m surprised NSA hasn’t hired him.