I think we're going to learn a lot in the coming days and weeks

I think we’re going to learn a lot about who Trump and, apparently his family really is over the coming days and weeks.

Trump Jr. literally called for “total war”…Unbelievable.

I suppose he’s just kidding?

You can add gullible to that stupid description. One thing you will always find with a Democrat, they can never be gratuitous, win or lose.

Irony Alert

No, he means exactly what he said; war on the election fraud perpetrators.

Just like your side has declared war on our cities and is killing, raping looting and burning them down.

Trumps war is against corruption and will be fought with facts, your war has no facts to support it so it is being fought with violence and destruction.

I can see how a Liberal can assume that Trump meant violence since that is the only recourse for those on the Left due to never having any facts :muscle::rofl:

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I have no idea if this election was stolen from Trump in the sense of traditional forms of voter/ballot fraud.

However, IMHO this election was, in a very real sense, stolen from Trump in full view of the American people. The theft began 4+ years ago with the media reporting Russian election influence favoring Trump as Clinton/DNC was developing the Steele Dossier document - thus setting loose 4 years of a proven phony narrative, including lies to the FISA Court on 3 occasions - all under the nose our media who decided that any and all negative stories about Trump/Russian collusion must be true and every positive aspect of his presidency was not worth reporting…

This 4 year media pounding took it’s toll. The one-sided pandemic reporting - a pandemic turned loose by China, the Biden family business associates, blatant censorship and the complete ignoring of documents possibly supporting Biden family corruption with China and Ukraine, well, all of this misinformation by media in support of Democrats took a further toll.

In the end, Trump never received widespread credit from media for the economy, pushing vaccine research by pharmaceutical companies, trade deals favorable to the US with Canada, Mexico and China, improvements to the VA, Defense, stopping the uncontrolled illegal immigration flow into the US - I could go on and on, but you get the idea.

In spite of these facts Trump damn near pulled off reelection.

One of the most disturbing aspects of the last 4 years is that the “Deep State” subversives guilty of manipulating/managing lies making Trump out to be a tool of Russia are going to get away with the activities - activities that are so very corrosive to the republic. They will escape Justice. They will get away with an attempted coup d’Etat. The Biden family activities with China/Ukraine alluded to in documents recently surfaced will go uninvestigated. Once again, we will never know the full truth - that doesn’t seem like justice to me. We have witnessed a handful of “Big Tech” media moguls exercise absolute censorship over what their platforms will allow. Dangerous? What the hell do you think?

IMHO, our country can no longer occupy the moral high ground when pointing out government sponsored corruption in other countries, nor can we realistically refer to ourselves as a nation of laws.

Obviously, the cost to our country goes far deeper than a lost election.

I wish all of you the best of luck.


Oh buddy, for a multitude of reasons, we’re WELL passed that. We’ve never interfered in the elections of other countries from a place of moral mandate.

Until this year the only national election that is recognized by most people as having concluded with a winner chosen by fraud is the 1960 election of Kennedy and that was done by one city (Chicago) turning one State (Illinois).

If this election stands due to a refusal of 6 States to give access to the envelopes that are the only way to verify the legitimacy of the new “mail-in vote” system then this election will be unprecedented and the point where American elections are rendered unreliable due to government corruption.

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I was actually more referring to our history of influencing elections and funding military coups abroad to bend regions to our own interests.

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Which had nothing to do with the comment that you were responding to, attempting to influence other elections is nothing like corrupting your own elections; the former is entirely proper as all nations have some interaction with each other and therefore have a valid interest and the latter is a recipe to destroy your own nation.

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Gene old butty, I was NOT referring to our government agencies (such as CIA) attempts to influence the elections in other countries - countries with oppressive dictator-operated leadership. I WAS referring to some of our own government officials staffing some of our own government agencies (such as CIA and FBI) actively working to fabricate materials/lying to the FISA Court, etc., etc., over a 4 year period, in an effort to bring down a dully elected President of the United States.

When such corrosive activity goes unpunished it invites more of the same. As a corollary, when source-identified documents/emails surface regarding possible grifting by a candidate for office is dismissed out of hand/without investigation - well, we can expect more of that kind of behavior as well.

Some of us give a damn about this type of 3rd world corruption. The fact that you don’t says a lot about who and what you are.


There’s some weird stuff this time. But there was weird stuff in 2004 with Diebold (in favor of Bush).
I don’t feel like anyone who dismissed Diebold, and then also went into Acorn conspiracies has a lot of credibility here.

McCain and Romney were legitimately beaten by Obama and it wasn’t close. But Republicans insisted it was Acorn fraud (the only real evidence of vote counting fraud was in Florida in Broward in 2012).

I’d put the odds of election official shenanigans in PA, WI, and GA at around 40% in 2020. But the problem is, Trump was going to claim election fraud no matter what. So it won’t be taken seriously. And Republicans wit large have torched their credibility complaining about a couple hundred dead people voting in Michigan, and imaginary super voters who go to ten different polling sites and impersonate random voters to run up the score for Team Blue.

This would be like if the CIA said someone was a foreign agent of China. Even if true, they so strongly lack credibility most people would be skeptical at a minimum, and possibly outright dismissive if it didn’t fit their pre-defined preferences.

So this will end in a whimper, specifically because Republicans have bleated fraud every single time they lose. Now when it may actually be legit, no one is listening.

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August 17th, 2020 and I quote:

‘The only way we’re going to lose this election is if the election is rigged’

He claimed the 2016 election was both going to be rigged and even when he won he still said it was rigged.

I know you all hate Hillary, and I’m not a fan either, but she really hit the nail on the head here

Trump wouldn’t have claimed fraud if there wasn’t a mountain of evidence, the idea that the year they adopt a ridiculously flawed voting scheme with only ONE LEVEL OF AUTHENTICATION, which they then REFUSE to allow observers to in violation of both the LAW and 2 Court Orders is in any way comparable to Florida 2000 is ridiculous.

I just don’t understand how Trump is still such a foreign entity after decades in the public eye and 4 YEARS as President; the media narrative that he is an impulsive buffoon is so unbelievable at this point that I really question the mental acumen of those who still base their opinion on that fallacy.

And defending ACORN is something even the Left gave up on, what stretches credibility is claiming that anything from 2000 where only ONE STATE was in question and THREE RECOUNTS were granted which ALL RESULTED IN THE SAME WINNER resembles this train wreck with a new voting scheme and SIX STATES producing inconsistent results and refusing to obey the transparency laws is a “been there, done that”.

Show the damn envelopes if this wasn’t fraud, that is all it will take to prove the integrity of the vote; and that is why they are not doing it.

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And it was rigged but not by enough to give the Hildabeast the win, it is not a baseless comment when it is true; within weeks you will be facing the same reality when the envelopes are produced.

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My guess is that the envelops have been long destroyed by now…or at least hidden where nobody knows how to find them.

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If that is true Trump wins, the envelopes are the ballot authentication and without them no ballot counts.

I hope you are right but I doubt even democrats could be that dumb :rofl:

He certainly is impulsive, but not a buffoon. He alienated many while simultaneously building a bigger base to replace those centrists that distanced themselves from the methods and style of Trump.

If anything, the last four years drove the left and right further apart - in large part thanks to Trump’s rhetoric. Glad he’s on the way out, as I’d prefer a Republican POTUS with better character, that thinks and acts broader than simple ends justifying the means.

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He is not on the way out and he was not the source of division, Trump is approved of by 95 percent of Republicans while pulling a larger percentage of the black & Hispanic vote than any Republican since the reformation era; he also pulled the most Democrat votes since Reagan and more independents than any Republican or Democrat since Reagan.

The spin that Trump created division anywhere is simply not true given the facts, just because the extreme left is violent and has no respect for property or law when they don’t get what they want does not make Trump a source of division; it just makes him impervious to terrorists.

And he isn’t impulsive, he is just extremely thorough and processes information accurately and quickly; his responses come lightning fast but their appropriateness is always proved. That is how he has made the Left and their media look so bad for 4 years.

But the time this election is certified he will have done it again, made everyone who thought his comments were over the top look like fools :wink:

5 years and counting, Trumps enemies have not learned a thing :rofl:


Sad that so many people, you included, fail to see the divide and are incapable of recognizing the antagonists on both sides.

Just wanted to emphasize that part. I’m convinced that election fraud very much contributed to Obama’s wins, and in the 2012 election in particular, I don’t think he could have won without it.

Since when did failure to steal enough votes equal absence of rigging?

Has anyone checked the basket under Hillary’s shredding machine- I mean, evidence processor?..