"I thought you should know"


Self explanatory.


I had already heard about it. That’s a lawyers job…but still…I wouldn’t have taken that case.


It is NOT a “lawyer’s job” to lie in court. It’s a lawyer’s job to see to it that his/her client receives a fair trial…period. To lie in court–however “sincerely”–is NOT what lawyers are supposed to do.


I strongly feel that the legal system would be cleaned up quite a bit if lawyers in court speaking on the record were subject to the same perjury laws as the witnesses.


I doubt that Hillary actually lied. My guess is that she tip toed all around, making statements that insinuated. Now from the poor girls point of view I’m sure that it seemed a lie but we don’t get the actual transcript of what was said here. To often people assume that something like this is the exact truth & maybe it is or maybe it isn’t. I generally try not to react or assume until I know exactly what happened & in this case I’m sure not interested enough to try to research it. I already think Hillary is the devil so this wouldn’t add fuel to my fire. As I said though I wouldn’t have taken that case & my guess is that she didn’t have to (that’s an assumption). I have to wonder why she took it. Was it money or to get her name in the press? Again that’s speculation on my part but then I have no idea why she does the things she does.


The Clinton’s are Democrats and democrats are pedophiles, racists and communists.

The idea that a person would choose to seek political office as a Democrat but not support raping children and women, using government to enforce racist agendas and nullifying the Constitution that prevents Communist ideals from replacing Individual Self Determination and responsibility is pretty far fetched.

The Left are not just wrong, they are evil and very proud of it.

For those on dial up, this video recounts a case in the 1970’s where Hillary Clinton defended a man who raped and severely beat a 12 year old so severely that she was in a coma for 5 days and was permanently sterile after the event.

Clinton could not deny the charges because the girls blood was found with the guilty mans semen in his own underwear, so Clinton decided to portray the girl as being infatuated with having sex with the 40 plus year old man and that she wanted it rough.

By the end of the trial Clinton had so effectively demonized this 12 year old girl that the rapist was let off with “time served” (about two months at the time); Clinton was then shown later laughing and bragging about the results of the former trial in an interview from the 1980’s.


Oh, lay off that pastor stuff, RET. It’s all about WINNING, don’t you know?