"I tired to make it too" (1992)

This could probably have been posted in the General Discussion category but it does fit in with what is happening now.

The video is heart breaking but the outcome is much brighter!
(Scroll down after viewing the video)

The man in that video is Art Washington.

Would you like, (as Paul Harvey use to say) … The Rest Of The Story?

UNDERSTANDING THE RIOTS–SIX MONTHS LATER : Touched by Fire / A Legacy of Pain and Hope

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What this does point out, is this riot business is not about a singular story such as the Minneapolis tragedy; but actually about opportunists both Black and white and for that matters browns blues, greens and any other skin color one wants to sport, who use tragedy for an excuse to run amok because people are afraid to stop them. They know that they can get away with just about anything as long as they attach a tragic story, to their actions. As far as I am concerned; bring in special riot police with the orders to first shoot to stun, and then give them real ammo and shoot to kill. The man in this story who launched his business should not have to lose anything because of punks. I am sick of troublemakers who pull these lootings and burnings, and it must be ended.