‘I Tried To Block It Out’: Jury Member In Harvey Weinstein Rape Trial Describes Seeing His Naked Photos

The thought that such photos exist makes me cringe.

A member of Harvey Weinstein’s jury spoke out about being shown naked photos of the former producer during his rape trial.

The jurors were shown naked photos of Weinstein as evidence during the trial, according to an interview published Tuesday by “Inside Edition.”

“I tried to block it out,” said the woman, who was only identified as “juror no. 2.” “It was presented to us, so it wasn’t something that we could have blocked out, but it’s hard not to make a face.”

As previously reported, actress Jessica Mann testified about the first time she saw Weinstein naked, claiming he did not have testicles.

“The first time I saw him fully naked, I felt, I thought he was deformed and intersex,” Mann testified.

: Jury Member In Harvey Weinstein Rape Trial Describes Seeing His Naked Photos | The Daily Caller

Generally I find Harvey Weinstein disgusting, but one of his biggest female critics makes me chuckle. Has anyone ever checked out what Rose McGowan wore to the 2013 MTV Music Awards? This minimally talented publicity hound showed up in G-string with a mesh covering over it. I think that more men, in addition to Harvey, might have concluded that she was “available.”

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Please pass the brain bleach…

As I said at another board. If you read the article you’d see that the jurist did not describe his body even if she did see it and actually her words gave no clue as to the description. Know what this article reminds me of? The typical NOTHING article or the teaser that the reading reporters do on air. ex: DOes Weinstein have horns and a tail?? Stay with us to find out after these commercials. <<2.50 minutes of commercials>> first the weather…then, world news…(and finally) Jessica mann gives her description of Harvey Weinstein’s body but jurors won’t say one way or the other. JUST NOTHING.

You only have mann’s word on this. IF he got no junk, how can there be rape. Says that the whole rape thing is nothing but consensual regret.

seriously. these people corrupt your children, call you stupid for your vote and drive the coarsening of our culture. They pretend to be educated when they bought their degree if they even have one which the vast majority do not. These people make a living by pretending to be someone else…and usually someone that they could not possibly even hope to emulate in real life. They’re ignorant, they’re arrogant, they’re self absorbed. If Babylon is represented today by anyone, it is these people.

I hope he walks. Hollywood knew what was happening, they were okay with it as long as career prospects kept coming in. Politicians knew it and they were okay as long as the money kept coming in. Oprah was okay with it…she was bringing him charming little tidbits to devour. Now after all this time, they want our sympathy? I. don’t. care.

I’m not angry. I’m disgusted. and i’m disappointed in people outside of Hollywood who cheer for Weinstein’s demise. Sure. he’s a pig. but then…so are all of them.


Why were there photos of naked Weinstein in that courtroom? Was that necessary?

That was my first question, too. What are they trying to prove? Was this brought on by the defense or the prosecution? In any case, these Hollywood honks deserve each other. They’re all for sex and perversions until the roosters come home to roost.


All those wannabe starlets that traded their favors for a role? Not victims. Yeah, Wienstein’s slime: that was long since obvious, so dont cry to me if you got some on ya…