I Unironically Love Trump

Dude has messed up the GOP more than Meth does to teeth. He’s straight up there with Howard Zinn and Chris Hedges in my book. At this point he has to be a deep plant nothing else can explain the damage.

The GOP used to be little old church ladies, small shop owners, old men who golfed and in came these raging MAGA meth addicts and whiskey drunk truck drivers screaming about Qanon. This has been the best 6 years every don’t let up.

No its no idelogoy just fear and rage what you call disgust or whatever its not logical its emotional. Defund the FBI only guilty people take the 5th. I LOVE watching AMC’s Intervention and A&E’s Hoarders this is the political equivalent of it. Thank you MAGA army these have been the best spectating years of my life. This fall can we do all Red Heads Are Aliens? The COVID shot being a microchip was fun.