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Dear Friend,

It is nice to communicate with you.I am Dr. aisha Gaddafi. As you should be aware I am currently residing in Oman, unfortunately as a fugitive because the Oman government brought me and my family in under strict conditions that undermine my freedom .
At the meantime, my family wealth is the target of Western nations led by America who wants to seize all that my late father has acquired at all costs. Most of our investments and bank accounts in several countries are their targets to freeze .
As you may know since after the death of my father, the governments of the west and united states have seized our monies and assets that are traceableyou can see for yourself below :

Here’s How The US Seized $30 Billion Of Qaddafi’s Funds In Just 72 Hours - Business Insider

However We still have secret deposits of private safe boxes of cash deposited in security companies abroad and some open beneficiary bank accounts that are not traceable to my family name. I intend to appoint you as my trustee to receive some funds and invest them on my behalf while we make arrangement for my arrival to join you.
Please indicate your interest by replying with your data and direct telephone number so that I can connect you with the attorney that will arrange the process of the funds transfer to you.

Truly Yours

Aisha Gaddafi


while we make arrangement for my arrival to join you.
Don you sly old dog. How in the heck did you talk your wife into you having a girlfriend move in with you two?


And the hits just keep on coming:

From: Bui Van Thuc 1234@vnn.vn

"Dear Beloved,

God bless you as you read this message.

I write you this letter with all sense of humility and deep respect for you
and your family, I am a priest at St. Leo Catholic Church. This letter has
become absolutely necessary i reach you, someone at my parish you transacted a
business with in the past handed over American Express Credit Card
($5,900,000.00) to be deliver to you as soon as you respond back to me.

I will like you to tell me the nearest Catholic Church in your location for you
to pick up the American Express Credit Card.

Respond back to me through this email: revfatherpeterson5503@gmail.com

Rev Father Peterson"


That is the first for me. I have never seen one claiming to be from a church while I do get ones telling me I need to update my information on various sites like paypal and oh yes the IRS is after me via phone and will be here shortly to arrest me. Funny it has been months now and no show.


Sadly (I guess) I have never gotten one of those emails. Nobody ever wants to give me money over the internet. Damn!
On the plus side EVERYONE wants to help me in some way. I know that because they call me all the time. Refinance my house, I’ve thought about it. But how do you refinance when it’s paid off? But it is tempting because the rate is so low, it costs nothing & it sounds like they will throw in a steak dinner. My credit card, well I’m not in trouble YET but I can stop that from happening with a MUCH CHEAPER rate, all I have to do is give them my info. Wow if I carried a balance that would be a lifesaver. Then there’s my car, I can drive it another 5 years without worrying about a break down just by paying a small fee. I don’t do that one because that car is so valuable. I know that because ALL of the local dealers are dying to buy that make & model & will pay me anything to get their hands on it. Wow, who knew? And of course my good buddies at Microsoft. Those guys freaken love me. They call up just about every week because my computer is having problems. If you don’t trust Microsoft, who can you trust? So I don’t feel so bad that I don’t have any of those on line friends that want to give me money. I’m in constant touch with my phone friends that would just love to take care of me.
I won’t even talk about the 20 or so charities that call me all the time wanting money to save a vet, child, help firemen, police officers or whatever.


This reminds me of Tom Selleck who is hawking reverse mortgages. Doesn’t he make enough money off of starring on Bluebloods without trying to get people in my opinion to buy into what I think is a scam.


This reminds me of Tom Selleck who is hawking reverse mortgages. Doesn’t he make enough money off of starring on Bluebloods without trying to get people in my opinion to buy into what I think is a scam.
My opinion on RM’s. First off I assume that some of those companies are totally fake & steal your money. You always get that when something “new” comes along. So ruling them out…
I guess that in some cases they are a pretty good deal for a small percentage of people, a very small percentage. I’ve only known 1 person who took out a RM & I’m going to make a big assumption on my part & say that she was probably typical of the type person that would take them out. I make that assumption because I have a very low opinion of most people. Here’s the facts: She was older as in about 70. Her husband had died 10 years before & had basically left her set up (money wise) for life. The problem was that she knew nothing about finances, money management or how to live on any sort of budget. During that 10 years she went through everything. Even as she was going broke she couldn’t cut down (she had a maid that whole time). So she did a RM & it bought her another 2 years of living a lifestyle that she couldn’t afford. She was lucky in that she died at the end of that 2 years because she never had to face reality so I guess in a way it was a Godsend for her. Her family of course lost out on any money from her estate but they were on their own anyway. Now had she not died the RM would have screwed her even more than she was but she didn’t so I guess that doesn’t matter.
Me? I can’t see any possible way that I would ever even ponder the concept of me getting a RM. I’m just not the type person that wants to live a lifestyle that I can’t afford nor would I take chances with the money that I have.


The main problem with RM is the front end cost, its staggering. It sounds good on the surface but there is a seamy underbelly, avoid!


**The main problem with RM is the front end cost, its staggering. It sounds good on the surface but there is a seamy underbelly, avoid! **
There’s a sucker born every minute & you can bet that some of them now have reverse mortgages.


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