ICE agents arrest at least 30 at Sanford manufacturing plant


Yep, Illegals building those mean looking guns that Americans won’t build!

Bear Creek Arsenal, a manufacturer of AR-15 firearms and firearm products!


They force business’s at gunpoint to pay Welfare to illegals, then when businesses try to recoup a fraction of those losses by hiring some of those illegals under the table the same government that forced them at gunpoint to fund the welfare busts in the door and screws them again for hiring them.

You know whose door never gets busted in though? That would be the door of under the table businesses owned by illegals; they get a pass from all state and federal laws from regulations to taxation to immigration.

If you are an illegal you can hire all the illegals you want, but if you are a tax paying citizen the only thing you get is a gun to the head to force you to pay Welfare to illegals.