I'd 'Cut Off Donald Trump's Head!,' (Warning: Video in thread contains foul language)


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Video-Protester: I’d ‘Cut Off Donald Trump’s Head!,’ ‘I’d Cut His ------ ------- Head Off!’

And the Secret Service is … where?

“You want to see some violence against Donald Trump?,” MRCTV asked one angry RNC protester in Cleveland.

*“-----------, yeah!," was his response. Asked what he wanted to do to the Republican presidential candidate, the protesters declared:

“Hey, if I get a bunch of people on my side and we get a workers’ revolution, I’d cut his ---------------- ------------ head off! Cut off Donald Trump’s head!”*

You know, if he weren’t calling for Donald Trump’s murder, liberals would probably consider this a hate crime.

Video-Protester: I’d ‘Cut Off Donald Trump’s Head!,’ ‘I’d Cut His -------------- -------------- Head Off!’ | MRCTV


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The title and the link itself was very nasty but I thought that the story was important.

I don’t know why the originating site had to post it the way they did but it’s their site.

I am always afraid of altering anything in an article or title because of copyright laws?

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I wonder if MSNBC showed this with a content warning for sensitive viewers like they did with the anti Hillary buttons…

I suppose more likely, MSNBC would pretend that it didn’t happen at all…


Sorry but I love stuff like that. If Trump was a 30 point under dog the left would be sitting around gloating. At most they would taunt a little bit. But the more they worry, the louder they get. That means that Trump worries them & he should. Trump appeals to a lot of those that are unhappy with politicians & a lot of those are the uncommitted. Heck even some of the democrats like Trump (like my neighbor). Probably the only thing that the left is happy about is that some conservative dislike Trump so much that they may not vote.
I view this election as one of the most import that this country has ever had.


That is a man who does not get laid.