If an embryo is a human life

Why can’t parents claim them as dependents on their taxes?

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Thank you! I said this in the meme thread with FC. Also while we’re at it, women should be allowed to seek child support payments from the father starting at conception.

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It’s not about that guys this isn’t about cutesy woodsy fetuses. The core of this ruling is that women have less rights. You can’t use this ruling to justify more rights to women and children, only less rights. Only the really stupid ones believe its about the fetus.

Ohio iis considering a bill, HB 598 that would require anyone that is raped or a victim of incest to give birth.

Is if an uncle rapes a 13 year old niece and she get’s pregnant she can be forced to give birth.

Does that mean, that 13 year olds that want to adopt, can?

CS this isn’t about making sense, but to shorten the logic anything that makes women feel worse without looking family unfriendly is fair game. Pro-life is the legal way of saying F*** women’s rights. It’s like Supreme Court rules 6-3 to throw a bottle at that hoe over there. Its like Supreme Court rules 6-3 to tell wife to make him a sandwich.

Which is why my sarcastic ass post is meant to expose.

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Just trust the plan, its all about small government. Someday just someday they might lower your taxes and reduce spending, at the cost of children of women only of course. It’s like the DOG (GOP) knows it shat on the floor. It really thought it wanted to now its debating how hard its going to fight the owner to clean it up. Funny a lot of states have popular ballot its gonna take 10 years of signature gathering to clean this mess up off the carpet.

On the upside, the GOP will have to wear this “cloaked religion” around their necks in upcoming elections. The fact they’ve moved it to the states is the icing on the cake. As the GOP makes life miserable in the states, things will slowly change there.

The bad news is that the extremists on the left get emboldened and write checks the moderates on the left refuse to cash.

I expect a more moderate version of the party to come out of this at some point. Cheney, for all her flaws seem ripe to take up that mantle. At this point, I’d vote for a moderate Republican even if they support ideas I don’t like as long as we can get the extremes out of government.

Even Clinton said trans issues poll bad its not a hill to die on. I understand that. Over all the party of Moderates is the Democratic Party at this point. I don’t think the GOP will stop the extremism.

1 because taxing isn’t the final arbiter of truth.

2 You’re looking at the choice between difficulty for a 13-year-old vs. certain DEATH for the baby. Why is this obvious fact so difficult to grasp? Yes, a raped and impregnated 13-year-old is a tragedy. KILLING the baby doesn’t lessen the tragedy; it COMPOUNDS it.
3 If so, the law needs to be changed. But I suspect nothing more than a bunch of word-mincing b—s--- on your part to try to make the reasonable (not KILLING the baby) look absurd. In other words, I believe you’re trying to sacrifice truth on the altar of optics.

4 More smoke and mirrors.
5 Get back to me when the Dems stop making life IMPOSSIBLE for the unborn.

Certain Death for the Fetus. Dude do you throw a funeral every time your aunt miscarries? God has our bodies miscarry up until like 30 weeks we have still borns at 40 weeks. Ok so what’s up with that FC?

I wasn’t suggesting it was, but you’d support that correct?

Not a baby, yet. Unless religion is your guide. If it is, then don’t get abortions.

My point is, 13 year old’s can be raped become mothers by force, but not choice?

Get back to me when we make decisions based in reality and not religion.

I have a healthy fear of God and the Bible doesn’t condemn religion it is actually permissive for cheating wives for their husbands to perform it. Now were in the post modern era and you gotta ask crack heads raising kids does God want that? Secondly forcing a victim of rape to carry. One could argue Miscarriages outnumber abortion 3 to 1 so nature or God or whatever your perceive it to be is the biggest abortion clinic. What it really is is slut shaming.

I don’t, but I still respect people’s right to choose it for themselves.

That said, when I use the term religion what I’m really talking about is people doctrinal ideas about what they believe their particular god commands.


  1. Our birth rate is ailing. As we can see by looking at nations who are depopulating; “undesirables” are actually necessary for a society to not be on its last legs

  2. Abortion has depleted the African-American birth rate, along with several communities in urban areas. All by itself.

Your premise has leaks; incest is a rare edge case, while the “right” to abortion without clear limits has created syndromes within populations; leading to a death spiral.

A rate where African-American women are 1.5 times more likely to be pregnant, but 5 times more likely to have an abortion, looks neither rational, nor tolerable. It looks like someone’s idea of social engineering.

Yeah Ronald Regan made it hard for black women to have kids. The part of me that laughs about this the most. Is that it will effect mainly southern women, latino and black women. So the already racist republicans will be surrounded with 5x many times minutes a real leg kicker. Biggest political foot shot since Todd Akin’s Legtimate rape. No scratch that "No More Taxes’ No scratch that “Iran Hostage Crisis”. No scratch that biggest self inflicted political wound ever the dog finally bit the mail truck.

I’d say it has more to do with this:

And the origins of that same organization.

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I take the opposite conclusion. Giving a choice isn’t social engineering, forcing motherhood is social engineering.

I think you make a mistake pointing out higher rates of black abortion. I agree that being black correlates to abortion but there’s nothing causative there. Here’s what I think is going on:

  1. The primary reasons for abortion are lack of ability to care for a dependent and financial reasons

  2. There are racial disparities in income and poverty which disproportionately effect black people

  3. Because the primary reason for abortion is financial, abortion clinics set up in neighborhoods where the services are most requested. This is also useful as those with financial hardship are less able to travel.

I have laid out a causative explanation for why black people are disproportionately represented in abortion rates. I propose that being black and abortion rates are better explained by covariance with financial factors than any direct causative relationship.

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I’d say yes Abortion Clinics are forced into poor neighborhoods because of the politics of it. You can’t operation an abortion clinic in the UP town they already get crap ton of protestors and Molotovs. Hell they shot and killed Dr Tiller that was super pro life.

And yet, that doesn’t explain why Hispanic abortion rates are no where near the former, despite having a similar rate in poverty.

Seems a particular solution to poverty was pushed in one community more than the other.

To the point of destruction. More African-Americans have been aborted than are alive today.