If Biden and the Democrats are really so committed to “bring the country together,” why is Pelosi going forward with impeachment?

When he isn’t condemning Don Trump and the Republicans, Biden keeps telling us that he is going to unite the country. So far, I have not seen any movement on his part to do that.

In particular we have Nancy Pelosi pushing to impeach the president yet again. This has no chance of succeeding since she would have to get the measure through the House and conduct a trial in the Senate to a conviction, all in 11 days’ time. This is clearly just a stunt which serves no purpose except to divide the country further.

As the leader of the Democrat Party, one would think that Joe Biden would pick up the phone and tell her that this is counterproductive. The least he could would be to make a mild public statement that he does not support this action. So far, he’s done nothing.

Everyone knows, including Democrats with a brain, that Nancy Pelosi is a hater and a divider. If Biden is a true leader who really wants to put the country together, he would use his leadership to rein her in.

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I’ve actually given some thought to how I could convince my leftist Representative (Sarbanes) that Pelosi is really the problem and she should at least be removed as speaker and if possible, removed from office.

But what’s the point? He hates me. He hates freedom.

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Exactly. If a few Democrats had gotten together, they could have dumped that old woman from the speakership. Her public face is of a person who is mean as hell. Her private face is probably worse. She is a cancer on this country, but she has so many people afraid of her that they can’t do what’s right.

The only saving grace is that she is 80 years old. Perhaps she’ll keep going until she’s 90, but I pray that age will catch up her eventually. Perhaps if the Democrats lose the majority in the House in 2022, she will pack it in. If that happens, she’ll be 85 by the time she could get up on the horse again.


I don’t think it’s really about hatred (although I don’t doubt that it’s there); division (and conquering), yeah. One GOP Congressman (I forget who) said that this is only about keeping the focus on Trump and, presumably, how hateful they’re trying to make him look.

As a humorous aside, I’m reminded of a Babylon Bee headline (I don’t know if I’ve got this word for word, but it’s close): Biden Promises That His First Act As President Will Be To Impeach Trump…

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They don’t want unity. They see us as terrorists and deplorables. They want to shut us down in every way imaginable, to include speech.

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Actually, the left leadership doesn’t see us as terrorists; they see us as unruly sheep who resist their foot on our necks.

The “terrorist” label gives them good cover to get the sheep in line. What we have seen has been a breathtaking sweep that has brought the socialists into power. They have gotten every political break, right down to the stupid storming of the Capital. That gave Democrats license to declare de facto marshal law. They won’t be sending the National Guard home any time soon. They will have it encamped around every state capital to keep them in line.

In the mean time they will use the Corona virus to nationalize the health care system. After that, climate change will let them control the energy sector. Once they have that, the rest will be easy fall into place. Without energy, you can’t do anything.

We are talking about the fascist system where the government controls everything while leaving limited property rights. That’s the new far left thinking after the old Soviet Union failed and China learned that Chairman Mao’s Cultural Revolution was unworkable.

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The only thing dems do is “unite” people in their hatred.

I once sent a series of text messages to my liberal friend at work. He hates guns and the people who own them. So I asked him if he supported shooting Trump supporters, even though he is so opposed to gun violence. He never texted back.