If Healthcare Is a Human Right

If healthcare is a human right why didn’t 17th century Slave Owners put it in the constitution.

It’s not a human right for illegal aliens, but I know you disagree. If you are really radical, there is no such thing as an illegal alien.

We are all citizens of the world who deserve benefits from American taxpayers. That includes medical care, cell phones, food, shelter and ultimately a free electric car.

talking about Healthcare being a human right for Americans. We have no birth perks this isn’t Europe or Japan you are meat for the 1% solider.

Oh no!

When the Democrat presidential candidates were asked at one of the first debates if they supported health care for illegal aliens, every hand flew up to great applause.

You can’t get off that easily by ignoring the facts @Unitedwestand.

Do you support free health care for illegal aliens, @Unitedwestand? Would that include sex change operations?