If I Should Fall Behind


If I Should Fall Behind

It’s a sign of God’s blessing to know a love that’s lasting and true.

Forty years!!


I’m guessing you allude to your and Mrs. Jazz’ 40th anniversary … CONGRATULATIONS!


Thanks, Pete! Our anniversary is actually a month or two away (we met when we were both 18, freshman year of college). I saw that video last night and thought back with misty eyes - she’s been waiting for me for almost 40 years now!

There are plenty of songs that address the subject of love, but few that address lasting love, and the ups and downs of being there for the same person for decades. Another one that’s always moved me is “The Water is Wide”:

The water is wide, I cannot get o’er
Neither have I the wings to fly
Bring me a boat that can carry two
And we both shall row, my love and I


My grandparents were married 62 years when my grandmother suffered a massive heart attack. She lasted about 1 month after her attack and because of tiny little strokes, she died after about a month.

My parents were married 30 years before my dad passed away.


Wow, congratulations, 40 years is something. That takes true commitment and dedication I am sure.


Thanks, SC! She’s the other half of my heartbeat, and she still looks fantastic. (Wish I could still say the same for me.)




Congrats Jazz!!
I know how you feel, as the missus & I completed the big 50 back in June.
Wouldn’t change a thing — EXCEPT — found out after the ceremony that the AC in the church was turned off cause it kept blowing out the out.
(And I though I was hot just from nervousness! :embarrese )


Congrats Jazz! It’s a wonder how women tolerate us men for so long.


Well, you all do provide entertainment and an escape from boredom… :whistle:


True. We had our 49th last August 12th. I told my wife the other day that I was grateful that she’d stuck with me for so long. When I told my best friend what I’d said, he replied, “Yes, I was wondering why myself!”