If I was dying and he had the cure, I'd chose to die!

"If you wanted him to visit you, you should have voted for him."
Obama to Fundraise in Texas, But Won’t Visit Town Rocked By Fertilizer Plant Explosion // Mr. Conservative

Well Mr.Obama, you can go right ahead and …[CENSORED]


Ummmmm… President Obama, first lady to visit West, Texas, after fertilizer plant blast | abc13.com

"President Barack Obama and First Lady Michelle will travel to Dallas on Wednesday. They are making several appearances while in Texas.

Obama will first attend a Democratic fundraiser Wednesday evening.

Thursday morning he will join four other living presidents at the dedication ceremony for President George W. Bush’s library.

Following the dedication ceremony, the President and First Lady will travel to Waco for a memorial service honoring victims in West…

Immediately following the library dedication, security officials and President Obama will head to Waco for the West memorial service. It starts at 2 p.m. at Baylor University.

Last week President Obama pledged relief aid for the small community. FEMA will be assisting those victims."
Security preparations underway ahead of Obama’s Texas visit | kvue.com Austin

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If he was hanging over a cliff on a rope yelling for help, I’d cut the rope.

Are you a Christian?

Yes, but far from perfect.

Yeah, very far if your comment is any indicator

And who are you to judge?

I can judge people based on their actions and words if I want. You all do the same on a normal basis.

That sounds judgemental. :smiley:

Sure, you can, but I was asking for your qualifications to judge.

[quote=“natstew, post:5, topic:39178”]
If he was hanging over a cliff on a rope yelling for help, I’d cut the rope.
[/quote] I’d yell, “Jump!”

Qualifications: Monarch of the universe, member of red, green, orange and yellow lantern corps.

I can tell the new self-esteem promotions in the public schools have paid off well for BOP.

You must be a member of the blue lantern corps: the color of depression

The Blue Lantern Corps are powered on hope

UNTR: yes, in the DC universe. But as you can see above, I’m monarch of this universe. They are powered on depression.

(I didn’t have the time to look up an empty color to make depression)

[quote=“UNTRugby, post:17, topic:39178”]
The Blue Lantern Corps are powered on hope
[/quote]That’s interesting, considering what I’ve heard/read recently. We are doing a study in our Sunday School class based on the book “Heaven Is For Real” by Todd Burpo. His son, when he was not quite 4, had a visit to heaven while undergoing emergency surgery for a burst appendix. He talked about being near the throne of God, where Jesus was at the right hand of God, and the angel Gabriel at the left. He was given a little chair to sit on, and he sat next to the Holy Spirit. His father asked him what the Holy Spirit looked like. He said, “That’s a hard one. He’s . . . kinda blue.”

I was telling that to Mike, and he read something out of one of his boat building books (I think) where someone said that a crucifix with a blue light was supposed to help defeat Satan.

[quote=“Susanna, post:12, topic:39178”]
Sure, you can, but I was asking for your qualifications to judge.
[/quote]But remember in his world no one else can judge people and I believe he has said so.

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