If I were a Black American

I’d probably be dead!

50% greater risk of mortality and 250% poorer at 34 yeah sounds about right.

The question is … why these appalling statistics? That greater ‘risk of mortality’… anything to do with the fact that the 5% or so of the population who are young Black males, commit more than 50% of its murders?

Are Blacks forced by evil white racists to consume drugs?

Why do Blacks do so poorly in the education system? Teachers discouraging them from wanting to be doctors and lawyers and engineers?

What do you think?

And while I’m here: Google “Brent UK Michaela School” and see what they have achieved, with a largely non-white student body. When I have pointed to this school’s success, and said we needed schools like it in the US – with strict discipline and old-fashioned teaching methods – I was called a “racist” by liberals on an education blog. Don’t you think this unwillingness to face the problem, and unwillingness to embrace possible solutions, is the real ‘root cause’ of Black problems? [Or Google “Marva Collins” for an American example.]

Black Men do commit murder at a higher rate, drug use among races is similar now it wasn’t in the 80s. Drug use falls along poverty not along race as much as it used to. As far as sexual assault on minors Caucasian and Latinos take that care in an overwhelming majority. I think you know Gangs flex their muscle no jobs men join gangs fight over turf.

Schools are based on property tax, low property values = underfunded schools.

If your gonna send them to a military academy you have to send all to a military academy 14th equal protection clause.

So, your argument is, the astonishingly high Black rate of violent crime is due to lack of jobs?
And the poor educational results are due to lack of funding for schools?

So … if we offered a job to everyone in the ghetto, they would all eagerly sign up, turn up at 9am, not alienate the customers, not steal – or not do any of these things any more than whites would.

And if we funded schools districts equally, Black districts would get the same results as white?

This is already happening here, black folk who never worked before are taking advantage of 11.50 offers at mcdonalds it pays twice as much as TANF. They didn’t get unemployment because they weren’t employed during the pandemic. Now these are segregated non-working people of color. Who have never been in the workforce they are taking very basic jobs.

It is so hard to believe if you treat people decent they act decent. If you treat them like crap they act like crap. Poverty is intuitional but so is welfare dependency. Not like big business every built grocery stores around them. The free market spoke, and said we are not building there. Now people are traveling out of Muskegon heights and taking offers on Sherman BLVD (south muskegon) that others reject.

Historical black school that used to turn out kids better educated than a 2/3 of all white, now turn out kids who can barely read.

Public schools lost their ethic, and teacher unions are to blame. They soak up funds between useless administrative layers, ensuring few to any of it touches the student or the teachers.

By building charter schools and creating vouchers / tax credits, we call them on their ****. On their bad, wasteful organization, and self-serving structures.

The monopoly needs to go.

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A rather obvious correlation that has been pointed out time and again regarding the plight of blacks in America (and all races, for that matter; but statistically, it shows up more in blacks in this country than other races) is broken homes; especially fatherlessness. About 80% of convicts grew up in a fatherless home. But the leftist activists won’t accept that broken family is the reason, because they want to remake “family” into their own design.

I feel that a “family” or home without a father is like a ship without a rudder. Lack of any male, adult guidance within a family structure leads to a deprivation of basis needs?

(Paraphrased - How Absent Fathers Affect Men )



I’m not going to speak on this subject like I have some sort of authority, or I know better than everyone else. But here is what I do know from my experience.

Poor black neighborhoods are a world apart from other neighborhoods. Drug use is rampant because it’s an escape mechanism to get away from the hell that is their lives. From a very early age kids learn that crime pays. And keep in mind that in these same neighborhoods (in some instances almost entire cities) there aren’t jobs for young people - or even old people. There are a few businesses hanging on and these are mostly family-owned, or low-paying franchises. You are taught that you need to make money to get the things you want; and your only options are crime or getting absolutely fantastic grades in school which will hopefully help you out LATER on in life. You may not live to see tomorrow; putting your stock into making good grades is not your best option - though some do it and succeed.

  • violent crime is a last resort of the truly desperate. When you feel you have no other options it’s all that’s left (in your mind.) And you have been trained from an early age to embrace crime as a means to get paid… violent crime eventually becomes “a necessary evil” you are willing to live with.

When everyone you look up to is involved with crime, you fall into that lifestyle. Smart kids are laughed at, and believe me the last thing you want is to be thought of as a “nerd smart kid” in the hood. Some people do escape, most do not.

Teachers in inner city schools are usually hanging on just hoping to god for that transfer so they can get out. They’re not as much teachers as glorified baby sitters, and the kids know this. The poor education results are the result of kids without parents who care. It’s so rare to meet a kid from the hood who made good grades and got out of the ghetto; because their home lives are usually hell. If they actually have a parent at home who can help with the learning material and who cares, their chances are 100% better. Unfortunately most of these kids never get the chance to go to a home with a parent who will be there to help them.

Throwing money at these schools will not solve the problem, but yes it helps. And I’m all for private schools don’t get me wrong. But I’m against giving up on poor schools. I am for societal reforms in the black community; but these will have to be embraced by the black community. And the black community is extremely apprehensive, and slow to welcome change because they have been f–ked around by politicians with empty promises for so long.


Word! :innocent:

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The Democrats don’t help the situation when they teach Black kids that they are all victims. There is nothing they can do to improve their lot except get angry, learn about critical race theory, vote Democrat and hate White folks.

I don’t doubt that divorce and fatherlessness drives up crime I have seen it. Our divorce laws are no-fault, it’s a dumb idea. If they really can’t live together split time is needed more often. My father was a stabilizing force in my life.

Are we supposed to lie about slavery, jim crow, wealth disparity, redlining?

No, @Unitedwestand, but you don’t keep opening old wounds for political advantage, which is what the Democrats do.

If you want to talk about a dark past, the Democrats supported slavery in the 1860 elections, and tried to keep it alive, even after the war. “The Union as it was, the Constitution as it is”, without the amendments that ended slavery. When those efforts failed, the Democrats enacted the Jim Crow laws in the South.

1864 Democrat candidate, George McClellan.

In 1948, the Democrats divided into three factions, the Dixie-crats who supported racism, Henry Wallace, who thought that the Russian Communists had it right, and Harry Truman who came out for civil rights.

You see all sides have their positive and negative aspects. You learn from studying that history, but there is nothing to be gained by using it to divide people.

The South, there was a realignment during the early 70s with Nixon’s Law and Order a southern sweep. Reagan incarceration solutions created racial disparity in sentencing, the war on the drugs primarily targeted black users. It’s the most disingenuous argument ever made in politics, to Argue the democrats of the 1800’s up to the 1960s are anything like the democrats from 1970 to now. In fact last I knew Bill Maher said Democrats were too pro-minority and antiwhite. Tucker Carlson says democrats are attempting to white genocide. So we went from pro-slaver to white genocide when might that have happened? Was it some southern realignment after LBJ and the civil rights act?

What’s insulting to black folks is when democrats lump them in with gay people. “You’re both oppressed minorities you’re fighting the same fight.”
“No. No we’re not fighting the same fight and don’t put us on that team please.”

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I learned about all of those things in school, without also being told that a color blind society is a lie, that all interactions are first predicated on race, and any word to the contrary is a white supremacist plot.

CRT is also reinventing segregation, saying it’s for the minority students own protection.

It’s designed to create a spiral of self pity, self doubt, and eternal suspicion of people’s motives. Ghetto folks are already suspicious out of necessity and the democrats feed into this. The people pushing CRT have absolutely NO concern or care for black people and by feeding into this they are helping to make them miserable when they should be promoting optimism.

“You are held down by the man. White people hate you. You are discriminated against. You are less of a person in their eyes, and THAT actually MAKES you less of a PERSON. There is no way to get out of this horrible predicament unless you side with US. You can’t get ahead but we can help you get EVEN.”

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I’ve yet to see segregation end in any meaningful way except for a few who really break out of it. Some really break into it, into black culture. That lady who claimed she was trans-racial.