If Meat Eaters Acted Like Vegans


This is a fantastic video, it would have fit well in the joke section but there is too much truth in it to waste there; so I decided on Left vs Right :wave:

I wish I could have embedded it but it is worth the click!


Vegetarianism, like the Glow Ball Warmer movement…like so many OTHER stupid and deluded things that persons of dubious intellect take up…is not a concept or an idea. It’s a BADGE…how they parade how much smarter and more Enlightened and Progressive they are than the rubes who are obviously not as smart because the rubes don’t see the brilliance that the Leftist secular-evangelicals offer in THEIR promotion.

It’s their way to boost self-esteem and diminish those who don’t see it.

In another part of my life, I’m part of the “Adventure Rider” motorcycle movement. We ride cycles that are not Harleys and not crotch-rockets - they’re big “dual sports” with clearance for off-road travel, but with highway capacity. And with luggage - not faired, slanted panniers like you see on Harleys, but often square stainless-steel side and top cases.

Anyway. Within that group, there’s two factions of knuckleheads - one of which just INSIST that it’s really, really clever to put an AUTO tire on the rear of your motorcycle. Why? Cycle tires cost four times as much - and wear out four times as fast. Long reason why; but why they wear and how they’re used is EXACTLY why a car-tire is completely unsuitable.

Even allowing for the extra cost, the cost is not much more than $500 a season. A pittance, when you’re talking about a $10,000 motorcycle and a thousand a year on insurance.

But these goofballs, who reject engineering explanations and rational rejoinders about how there is no “best” tire but only best FOR THE PURPOSE…they go on like religious converts; and when you counter their idiocy they react like drug-addicted Occupy Wall Street types.

It’s THEIR WAY of pretending to be the smartest dood in the room. Except that what they are is annoying and asinine. And quite-often, dangerous in what they do.

True of misusing motorcycles, and equally true trying to live on an adequate diet without enough protein.


I was a vegetarian for about 9 1/2 years in the '80s. I gave it up around the time it started becoming popular…


This guy has a You Tube Channel with all kinds of stuff like this. It’s funny.


I was a vegetarian back in the 60’s and 70’s. I still lean more toward a vegetarian diet, but I do eat chicken and fish. I will eat a steak now and then, but only if it is bleeding. It really is very expensive to be a vegetarian these days and even more expensive to be a vegan. I do like tofu and I eat a lot of beans. No, I don’t toot from beans. I’m making a new bean dish this weekend. It is beans (I’m using pinto beans) made like baked beans only you put apples in the beans. I never use canned beans. I always cook them myself. This particular recipe calls for barbeque sauce, molasses, onions, bacon (I’ll be skipping that–I don’t like bacon at all.) I may substitute with Morning Star breakfast sausages. They taste better than real breakfast sausage. This recipe sounds delicious. I like stuff like that. I don’t suppose any of you Texans would eat that, would you? Got any real Texan bean recipes? I hear you guys in Texas and Oklahoma love something called “cowboy beans”. Anyone know how to make them?


Bean, beans the American fruit.


Is Beano okay for vegans?

It would make their life, their social lives, a lot easier. And it’s not JUST beans, either. A diet based on plant fibers…generates methane, just as grass clippings do in a compost heap.

Cows do it. Horses do it. And vegetarians probably do it…a LOT.

Since I’ve never tried vegetarianism, and since most vegetarians are insufferable evangelicals, I don’t know firsthand.


Cowboy beans [MENTION=10504]ClassicalTeacher[/MENTION] is like a chili but made with 4 kinds of beans, ground beef, bacon and a variety of sauces. Top with sourcream an cheese just like Chili.




I used to do a lot of TVP (Texturized Vegetable Protein) products like Grillers (fake hamburgers) and TVP sausage links and patties. I used to do the Grillers with Hamburger Helper.


I used to use Boca Burgers–they seemed to taste and have the texture of real ground beef. I like Morning Star Farms breakfast sausages and patties. They also make a great non-chicken chicken patty. Yes, I’ve used TVP in many recipes. You can make sloppy joes, meat loaf, and stuffed peppers with TVP. I buy it in bulk from Amazon. TVP also makes great chili, too.