'If One Person Is Offended, We Have to Listen'

NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell softened his stance on the Redskins name on Wednesday when he said that the NFL had to listen to concerns about the team’s nickname even if only one person is concerned about it.

In an interview on 106.7 The Fan in Washington, Goodell, who grew up in the region as a Baltimore Colts and then Redskins fan, said, “I think what we have to do though is we have to listen.”

“If one person is offended, we have to listen," he said.

**NFL Commissioner on Redskins Name: ‘If One Person Is Offended, We Have to Listen’
**I’m offended Roger Goodell is the commissioner of the NFL. I got offended when I couldn’t watch a news broadcast without seeing Goodell’s wife constantly flirt with Shephard Smith. I am offended seeing players constantly being flagged and fined for executing textbook plays and making clean tackles. I’m offended the Rams aren’t in L.A., the Cardinals aren’t in St. Louis, the Colts aren’t in Baltimore, and the Houston Oilers don’t exist. I’m offended the Broncos cut Tebow. I’m offended the Green Bay Packers can’t play defense. Something should be done about all of this.


I’m offended by Fighting Irish, the Vikings, the Patriots and many more. Let’s make all sports teams named after warm fuzzies.

Here’s some new names: The Chicago Cuddles (instead of Cubs), The Chicago Rainbow Sox (instead of “White”), The Baltimore Canaries (instead of Ravens), The Chicago Papooses (instead of Blackhawks), The Chicago Cows (instead of Bulls), and the Chicago Teddy Bears (instead of just “Bears”).

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Oklahoma is a Choctaw derivative of “Red People” Shouldn’t Oakies change the name of their state?

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New England easels
Boston beans
Buffalo pies
New York airplanes/ New York Big Guys
Washington cherry trees
Carolina kitties [careful with that one]
New Orleans good folk


I am offended seeing players constantly being flagged and fined for executing textbook plays and making clean tackles

That’s what offends me about pro-football today. Too many darn penalties, seems like the refs toss flags nearly every other play. I am less inclined to watch because of the tedious pace of play.

Team names? I could care less (including if the Redskins were to change their name). Heck, there’s one team name that seemingly offends the populace of an entire nation - the damn Yankees.

You forgot the Green Bay ‘Practitioners of an alternate lifestyle’…


San Fransisco 69ers

How about the Green Bay PennyPackers? (A reference to a very funny comedy show no longer on TV…any idea which one?)

Isn’t that their real name?

No. They are the 49ers.

Sheesh…shows you how much I know about sports!