If this keeps up I might have to rejoin the GOP!


Amash the Leftist who wants to impeach Trump for Hillary’s crimes has decided to leave the GOP and announce it on Independence Day!

Trumps greatest accomplishment that will outlive all of the others will be the combination of getting the Left to reveal who they truly are and making it so intolerable on the Leftist’s in the GOP that they flee the Party!

There is still a ways to go but I have not had hope in the possibility of reforming the GOP for many years, godspeed to President Trump :slight_smile:


Many of the 2018 House GOP “losses” were worthless Rinos who chose not to run. It was a tiny Blue Wave, actually more of an Orange Wave. Maybe we’ll get a GOP majority in 2020 that actually supports the President’s agenda,


Yes, another little RINO has declared that he has a conscience. If he only had a brain, he might have something constructive to contribute. He knew Trump’s positions when he ran in 2018. Why didn’t he decline to run then if he was that unhappy?