If Trump Loses In 2020 . .


The field of socialist revolutionaries, Spartacus wannabees, Native American wannabees, ANTIFA supporters and an over-the-hill pushover - in other words, anti American Democrat bozos - would make for a terrific Jim Belushi movie in the tradition of Animal House if the context were not so serious.

I wish Trump were more articulate, texted less and was more thoughtful with his content - but he is not and will never be.

That said, if Trump loses to one of these ass-clowns he will have only himself to blame - with a strong assist to MSM and our less than sterling electorate.


If President Trump loses you can bet your bottom dollar that it was because of MASSIVE vote fraud on the part of the Democrats aided and abetted by the so-called “mainstream media” who will go to ANY lengths to hide it from the public. Kalifornia and some other states have been setting the stage for it for several years now with granting DL’s (and motor voter schemes) to illegals, “ballot harvesting” and “vote by mail” (and now “vote by computer” ) nonsense.


Whether the Dems get in in 2020, 2024, or whenever, the result will be the same; they’ll do their best to drive us over the national, economic, social, and moral cliff with the breakneck speed they’ve been demonstrating in recent years.


If Dems get in power again it will be hell on Earth for trump supporters


Leave off the “for Trump supporters,” and it’s still pretty accurate.


If Trump does not punch back hard, who will? Republican Congressional Caucus speaking with one voice?



I don’t think he needs to blame himself. It will be us that’s to blame


OD - I completely agree he should punch back hard. I would simply like him to think BEFORE he punches; to punch SMART. Simply punching back hard without thinking through the impact of his message - has too often produced situations where he steps on his own accomplishments/positive message. Too often that’s been counter productive. When one knows Dems/MSM are out to shoot ones ass, one shouldn’t supply them the ammunition. OD - you certainly allude to an important fact - Trump, with a few notable exceptions among Repubs, is pretty much alone in moving the country in the right direction.


I disagree with that. I think he’s playing three-dimensional chess with opponents that don’t get it.

For example, by attacking AOC and her squad, he made even more sensible Democrats move left to defend them. That makes the whole Democrat party look wackier and wackier even to the non-political masses.


If the American people are dumb enough to put the Dems in charge after this shameful year plus, that majority will deserve what they get. I just hope that my assets can hold out until I am dead. There is no hope for the country if these profoundly stupid and dishonest people are in charge.


KJ - you could be correct, there’s no way to really know. But Trump’s injecting himself into the war of words taking place at the time between AOC and Pelosi, shifted the focus from the DEMS tearing themselves apart and spotlighted himself. Given MSM reflexive response, this reaction was predictable. The story shifted from the rift in the Dem Party, culminating in this past week in a meeting between AOC+3 and the Dem leadership in which, at least outwardly, the hatchet was blunted if not really buried. When the opposition is fighting among themselves in full view of the electorate it would probably have been a good idea to let their street fight continue.

I think it is important that we recognize many/most Americans don’t follow all of this that closely - they deal with the headlines and not the detailed substance.

3 dimensional chess? I hope you’re right and you might be. However, I wouldn’t bet on it. He might just be reacting - shooting from the hip - without giving thought to consequences. Which view is correct? Beats the hell out of me.

Sendgop - I hope the American people aren’t stupid enough to elect a Dem ass-clown - they were smart enough to elect Trump, but stupid enough to hand the House to the Democrats.


The main factor that has kept Trump’s approval rating low has been the constant drum beat of negative stories from the press. As you said, MDMikeB, most citizens don’t read much beyond the headlines and are, unfortunately, low information voters. All they hear are “Trump is a racist,” “Trump colluded with Russia,” and “Trump is mentally unhinged.” That leaves them with a negative impression.

Good news about the economy and dumb statements from “the squad” have helped Trump. Mueller’s poor showing at the Congressional hearings exposed the Democratic weakness on that issue, but the Nadler, Schiff and the news media are now doing all they can to cover that up and keep the false storing going. Whether or not the people see through that remains to be seen.

If you have followed the stories at all, you would know that the motives behind the Russia investigation have been to prevent Trump from doing is job as president. There is nothing to support what Nadler and company are saying, but they think if they keep saying it over and over, it will be accepted as gospel.

I think that the constant drumbeat of negativity from the news media is finally dragging them down. They have reported so much negative news about Trump that they have ruined their own credibility. It amazes me that they can’t see that. All they have done is respond with advertising slogans like, “CBS is good news.” That shouldn’t cut it in my opinion. So far as I’m concerned, I don’t trust what they report any more, not even medical news, unless it collaborated elsewhere. Even the medical stories are colored by “hip” liberal life styles, like veganism and climate change, which is always lurking behind their reporting motives.


Don’t forget the INTENTIONAL skewing of urban vs rural and democrats vs republicans.


I’m shocked at the Jerry Nadler’s brazenness in making bald-faced lies. On ABC he said “[Mueller’s testimony] presented substantial evidence that the president committed obstruction of justice on at least five occasions, that he lied to the American people, lied to investigators in an attempt to cover up what he had done.” (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=s3N4c_s5Fus)

And he made similar blatant lies on all networks, including FoxNews which covered his “press conference” after Mueller’s testimony.


So far Nader and Schiff are concerned, it’s called “the big lie,” and dictators, like Hitler, used the strategy to come to power. Yes, the Democrats have come to point where they are using the tactics of despots to regain power.


Have you heard Victor Davis Hanson’s take on President Trump? There are a number of interviews with him on YouTube describing his take. He points out that when most candidates, especially Democrats, go around the country to campaign, they take on a fake southern or black accent or wear a flannel shirt or whatever else they can do to be like the people they’re talking to.

Not Donald Trump. He always shows up in a suit with his tie too long speaking with his Queens accent. He’s genuine.

Also, he doesn’t talk about “the farmers” or “the auto workers,” he talks about “our farmers” and “our auto workers.” He demonstrates empathy. He includes all Americans in the big American family.

So I think when he blasts Rep. Elijah Cummings for not helping Baltimore escape it’s squalor, he’s not just delivering payback for Cummings’ lies about the border detention facilities. He’s demonstrating empathy for the citizens of Baltimore and pointing out that it’s a Democrat that’s failing them.


I remember hearing Hillary do that in the 2016 election. I couldn’t believe she could get away being so phoney.


Yes, Hillary’s Black accent was bad that she should consider using it for her stand-up comedy routine the next time she claims that she and Bill are broke. You will remember that Hillary said they were “broke” in Bill left the White House.

Could you imagine what would happen if any Republican did that with an African-American audience? The howls would be so loud, you would not need your TV or radio to hear them. They would resonate from the Appellations to the Ozarks and on to the Rockies. Al Sharpton would pick up another $50 million in outrage money.


But The Presdent’s approval ratings have NOT been low. YOU THINK they’re low because the media lies about his approvals. HIs economic approvals have been above 50 percent for ages. His job approval rating they try to keep as low as possible and they lie by one means or another such as using a small test sample in a predominantly leftist area. BELIEVE ME. If they say The President’s approval is at 45 you can add 10 to 12 points for a more accurate assessment.

The media has consistently lied about this and about Many many other items during this administration. I don’t mean mistakes. I don’t mean little white lies or misunderstandings. I MEAN outright, in your face LIES.


I hope you are right, Caroline. The trouble is California and New York would vote for the AIDS virus if the Democrats nominated it for president. That’s almost 80 Electoral votes out of the 270 they need for the Democrats before the first vote is cast. Ditto for some other states like Washington, Oregon. Massachusetts, Delaware and Vermont. The path to winning the presidency is very narrow for the Republicans.