If Trump Loses In 2020 . .


I don’t think his path to winning is narrow. of course we get discouraged when we listen to the fake media. THAT is what they want. They want you so discouraged you may not show up at the polls. They want you so discouraged you keep your mouth shut for fear of leftist retaliation.

I write this president every 3 to 6 months to let him know I am still here, I still support him and I appreciate all that he is doing. He has been taking the hell for US and now we are starting to get some of the hell cause the left can’t destroy this president.

Tell me which of the current dem candidates has the best chance of beating The president, much less being the nominee for the party.

Lets see:…hmmmm

Joe can’t keep his feet out of his mouth or separate reality from fantasy.
a old lady ‘gave the finger’ figuratively to kamala in the old folks home. she can’t conduct a bingo game with any energy how does one think she can conduct the business of the country.
Fauxcahontas can’t leave the injuns alone
Beto can’t change a tire if his life depended on it. .
Bernie is a tired old fossil way past his time
Buttgiggles is in it to bash the Christians…that’s his bone to pick.

Where you want to put your money??


I figure that it’s between Warren and Harris. Both of them are women, which is “a need” expressed by many Democrats. As a “woman of color,” Harris has the genetic edge, but Warren has “Harvard mystique.” After all she taught at the most prestigious school in the country, right? Of course, being a “Cherokee Indian” gave her a leg up on that position.

Warren has been running for President since she ran for Massachusetts Senator. She’s almost as big a phony as Hillary with her “Pocahontas act” and her “Let me get me a beer” line. Who knows? Maybe she’ll speak in a faux African-American accent when she speaks in their churches just like Hillary.

The thrust for all of them is how much they are going to give away for nothing. That what keep the rabble coming to their rallies.


While we are all aware of the terminal faults of the current Clown Car primary field I think we should consider another real possibility:

Michael Moore -How to wim in 2020

He makes three points:

  1. Promote ballot initiatives on key issues to get the base out.

  2. Impeachment.

  3. Draft a beloved and respected American … Michelle.

I think he is dead wrong on impeachment but Michelle is capable of getting the Black vote out. She is also not tied at the hip to all of the absurd policies the current crop of democrats are having in an effort to outdo one another.

I know it is disgusting but please watch the video. He was one of the democrats who was right on in predicting 2016.


The ONLY thing, in my not so humble opinion, that could cost President Trump reelection is if he, for some reason, caves in to the gun grabbers and signs the stupid “red flag” legislation or “assault weapons” ban or universal background checks. NONE of them would have the slightest negative effect on gun violence which is, even now, at historic lows…even more so if you remove the stats involving gang/drug/turf wars alone.


Maybe I’m wrong, but I can’t picture her doing worth poop in a debate.


Machelle does have a law degree so she might be able to debate better than you might think. Still, I don’t see her getting the nomination if she doesn’t run in the primaries. A repeat of the “Hubert Humphrey” type nomination, where he got exactly one of the primary delegate (from New York State) in 1968, would not go down well.


I don’t really know. She will be getting softball questions which will be loaded in her favor. Can Trump afford to go for the jugular without coming off as a bully? I think she will be a dangerous opponent.


Maybe, but I don’t get the impression that she has the temperament for it.

He might be able to goad her into tipping her hand more than she would want.